Gift Distribution Clarification

Hi all, last week we distributed two gifts.

The first gift was sent out on Thursday and included chests. We’re going to call this the Chest Gift. The Chest Gift was sent out to players that participated in Kingdom Wars in a certain time window on Thursday (PST). Not everyone will get The Chest Gift.

The second gift was sent out on Friday and included sigils. We’re going to call this the Sigil Gift. The Sigil Gift is being sent out to all players. Since this is a fairly large undertaking, we want to be able to monitor it – we’ve suspended distribution of the Sigil Gift until next week (2/1, Monday, tomorrow).

Players sending in tickets to Support have been getting some confusing feedback because there are two gifts that Support is currently distributing. Since we didn’t have a formal naming scheme in place for the gifts (now we do, Chest and Sigil) Support had been telling some players they would not be receiving the Chest Gift, without realizing the players were referring to the Sigil Gift.

Sorry about that confusion. I hope it’s cleared up now. I’ve had a talk with our Support team to adjust messaging.

If you have not received the Sigil Gift yet, don’t worry, it is coming. Please do your best to send Support only one ticket and not more than that. They will get to it.

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