Gift for Broken Wars are garbage!

I received the Gift for the Broken Wars and it’s garbage. I asked for my buffs/Boosts and potions spent to be returned and I got a Gold Chest and some time speedups? Why? We should have gotten back what we invested!

How is it decided, “Our players spend boosts and potions during war runs… Lets give them a few time speedups”. How is that reasonable? How is that logical? Not to mention our lost rank!?


so you prefer dragon buffs and heal pots to timers and gold chests and eggs?


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A single Gold Chests has random items. Even the best outcome won’t give me back what was lost. We didn’t spend timers on wars, we spent boosts to buff our islands and dragons. We back our players on every run and that costs Heal Potions. I want back what we spent. The time speedups make up for sometime. It will take two wars to get back our rank. That should be 72 hours worth of speedups. I want our boosts and potions back!

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So the boosts for your base disappeared? Hmm maybe pg should investigate that separately.

Most bases are boosted 24/7/365.

But perhaps ask PG to remove the timers and gold chest etc, and give you 3-4 heal pots and a couple of base boosts.

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if you would choose between the two:

would you like your boost and healing potion to return in exchange for the gold chest, speed ups and breeding token?

I think you need to add in the tokens that they may have lost during the war as well.

Even still i’d rather have the chest and tokens over boosts/potions


gift contained 400 tokens, a gold chest, 12h timer and something else.

Fairly reasonable for anyone but d1. I think it was decent of them to send it out.

We were involved in one of the botched wars in d1, with multiple runs not counting, unable to defend etc.

Reckon they did ok by me


If I would choose, I want back what was lost as a result of the war bug. What was given wasn’t adequate compensation for what was lost. The speedups don’t even amount to 24 hours. Of course players who weren’t affected by the war bug aren’t going to complain.

So what would you expect as fair compensation?

Not true. We were affected and I’m not complaining as I said in another post. it is a generic apology gift. It’s the same thing they always give out. They never give anything that was lost. Personally I’m just grateful for them acknowledging the mess up but I do say voiding the wars would have been enough.


The Package should have included boosts and potions and probably no less then 48 hours worth of time.

War is only for 24 hours. If I may ask without upsetting you or starting an argument why do you feel like double the time of wars in timers would have been adequate?

It was likely a generic award to everyone vs investigating every single account. And for bigger accounts in lower leagues, running out of heal pots and dragon boosts is very real when they’re back anywhere from 10-40 people per war :see_no_evil:; they’ll also be missing the benefits from better rewards in higher leagues. The team my small account is on gets multiple wars per day, up to six one time. Base boosts are probably more applicable to the newer accounts, but at that point, the boost is so small it’s potentially not even worth it.

Edit: Thanks for the apology gift :tada:

They gave the gift to every single player in the game. Not to the teams negatively impacted by the bug.

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Yes I know they did. So some people not only benefited from the bug by winning the war they got an apology gift too. Now that is something to be upset about. Personally I feel like complaining about the contents is taking away from the bigger picture.

Not to sound too cynical…but the fact we got anything is a surprise.


This. We used to never get any compensation. We went through weeks of #sync-gate. Every run the game syncing, every attack on wars games crashing. We had only minimal compensation at the end.


Honestly, I agree with those two :point_up_2:

I’m also surprised we got anything. There have been FAR bigger hiccups recently, that we got zilch for.

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I would take a gold chest, timer and tokens over 100 potions and 100 of each boost. But that’s just me.


Same for me, but I guess for low tier/low level players they may think otherwise…