Gifting elite (15 char)

We all know the two elites are by far the most popular in app purchases in this game, therefore would it not be beneficial for pg (from a monetary standpoint for them) to allow us to gift them much like the current sigil pack? You’d probably need normal elite to only be gifted with money not rubies from grandfathered accounts but other than that I can see no obvious downside to the idea. Please give me your thoughts to the idea. NB proposing this for both elites not just main game.


Outside of this you can use a PayPal or send them an iTunes card,


Gifting used to be a game option (well before atlas elite though, and main game elite wasn’t giftable), but I believe it was discontinued due to exploitation - not sure.

It’s a shame though, because gifting options are nice, and I know many people that love either helping out their friends or brightening their day with a little surprise


How do we use paypal? Or maybe my country didnt support it

It’s an app. You can send money through it to other people that also have paypal.

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safest bet is on play store gift cards or itunes gift cards, if you can trust the person that he/she will spend those gift cards on wd.

or if the person you’re trying to gift is an actual buddy from real life, then just take his phone and buy the elite/value-packs you wanted to gift with your card info.

pretty simple.

-though what i do to gift a team member usually isn’t either of those two. :rofl: :joy:


But if you want to gift it to someone who is in a different country, you need to know the price of elite (or whatever) in that country, and also account for commissions PayPal will be taking because of different currencies.

I had looked into gift cards also (for android) and I remember finding issues in how to gift a card to someone in a different country also. Idk. Maybe I’m just dumb :rofl:

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