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Hello Pg,
This is VisenyaTargs and was wandering would you guys ever bring back sending gifts to other players other then just on holidays? I met the man of my life threw this game and would love to send him a gift like a 6.99$ pack that has sigils in it. I understand why you guys took the option of gifting a way but in a cercumstance where two people met threw this awesome game I think it should be brought back just my opinion. Thank you for your time

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I also honestly love the little packs. I’d love to be able to send a little thing to people on their birthdays.


Apple and Google apparently have major issues with sending gifts because it bypasses exchange fees. I believe there was a big problem a while back where players would send money to teammates in the US and then have them buy packs for them because it was cheaper

Don’t think that was it bc they get paid in the same currency anyways. More like the hackers prevalent in the game is why we can’t have nice things.


This was my understanding of the reason as well- too easily exploited

I’d love small small packs too (<$2) for teammates special occasions :slightly_smiling_face:


For sure too easily exploited. I would love to see a $1-5 pack that I can gift up to once a day to a player with something a little silly but also nice in it.


Do you know a friend trying to learn the complexity that is hau? Well you can help! Introducing the $2 dollar pack, we can now give those crazies the heal pots they need!

not a guarantee they’ll learn hau; please gift responsibly


Perfect! And something that isn’t a super exploitable commodity like chests. And selectable, like the new shard packs where you can choose what you send.

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I see what you did here :joy:

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But the hackers are still here…

But without exchange rates the costs arent the same

Example: My leader is from Australia. The top pack for her costs $159.99 Australian, for me it’s $99.99 US

If she sent me $100 US (about $140 Aus) and then I was able to send her a $100 pack then it would still be $20 cheaper for her than if she bought that same pack herself. I would imagine Apple/Google would certainly have issues with that

I wish we could send runes, spells and other stuff you would already have just for the sake of it

They did that with the Chinese tickets that give away 500 sigils

Can it be my birthday everyday?

Yes I know they did it with the red envelopes and I was really surpised they did them again.

Yeah, I thought I was being clever and bought some cards at my local wholesale club to incentivize team mates but when I took a picture of the back (iTunes and Google Play) my teammates from other countries weren’t allowed to use them.

One said they could do something to their account to make it work but straight up it wouldn’t work between countries.

Correct. At least in Google Play Store, the gift card must be from the same country as the registered Google Play user. You can change your country in Google Play though… :wink:

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