Gifts to teammates

When can we start sending gifts to TEAMMATES like we used to.It would be great if this would be done again

I think Apple forbids it now, but I think it was being abused which is why PG stopped it a while ago.

Maybe with the account sharing being enforced we can see it return though :man_shrugging:


That pumped to give packs? I’ll take some :eyes: same name in game.
Edit: saw “TEAMMATES”, tsk.

It won’t be back, I believe it opens too many doors for exploits. As I’m sure you know that certain pack loaders, particularly on adroid, we’re creating small accounts and sending from there. Which creates a massive problem that throws off data for player base progression etc. all in all I do not believe gifting is a good idea. If you want to gift a teammate, download Venmo or PayPal and give them the money to purchase it that way. It’s the same result you’re looking for. Either way you’re giving away your money to a random stranger on the internet


It was also being used as a way to launder money using stolen credit cards. I am glad it’s gone.


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