Gifts? Where are they?

Where are the gifts to give to other players this festive season?

In a worldwide crisis, where we could actually do something for other players in the game, we don’t have this for this year? Seriously?!

Have I got the wrong timing? I swear it’s normally over Christmas or New Year…
(And if it’s not don’t we think this year is exceptional enough to make…an exception for?)

Can I just add to the end here, that I really shouldn’t be, but am still constantly surprised by those who don’t fully read something. I AM NOT ASKING FOR FREE STUFF. I EVEN ASK IF I HAVE THE WRONG TIMING because I’m NOT perfect, and don’t remember everything.

All I wanted was an opportunity to be nice. Sorry if some of you don’t like it. There really are some bitter people out there.

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You have the timing wrong. If I recall correctly it’s usually over Chinese New Year.


Oh…well that’s helpful.

It would be nice, after this insane year, to give a gift or so out to my fellow officers and leader at least, if not more

You can send them a card and cookies. :smiley:

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I was thinking of keeping it strictly WD-based :joy:

Besides, I’m not giving out cookies…they’re all for me! For me I tell you!




A simple round about way. either PayPal, venmo, cashapp, iTunes or google play gift card with x amount for the cost of a pack and send them the value of it that way then they’re able to do it regardless of needing envelopes in the game etc.

We already had gift giving during SoulDance Season. From memory, I can’t recall PG ever doing a gift option two seasons in a row. It’d be nice but I think it’s unlikely we will see it return so soon.

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Okay how many of these threads have the people been begging for?

Send a gift card instead lol


Why are you complaining you get a portrait.
BoEh a portrait is completely useless in the game has 0 value, but you have to see the effort that PG made. A designer had to work on it for at least 15 minutes and first clarify it in 2-3 sessions with the management.
What makes sense such as Noelle or Glut that’s asking a lot

You haven’t understood this at all. You’ve utterly completely missed the point.

I’m not asking for free stuff. The gifts in game are PURCHASABLE gifts, with MY MONEY.
Pardon me for caring, and pardon me for caring about something other than money.

If you didn’t get that, that last sentence was sarcasm - just to be clear.

I’ve said nothing about the candy cane branch in game, and this post has nothing to do with what PG have produced. This post was about me wanting the chance to send a few sigils the way of my teammates like we have been able to at different points in the past.

We’re in a pandemic, for chrissake, and all I was asking was to be able to be a little charitable.

And to you, I don’t understand your meaning.

Again, I wanting an opportunity to be charitable to my teammates. I don’t see why a duplicate of such a request would be a problem. If it is…don’t read it.

Which requires personal information such as email addresses/phone numbers…

Thank you for being one who gave a genuine response, and even one with a little humour that I could respond to

Not necessarily - could always buy one and send them the code to claim

Like, actually send the actual code via a chat, rather than email them the entire thing

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However, all the purchasable things are way beyond the amount that I would want to send out.

Thought it was a duplicate but it’s not but still see your not happy with them giving a dang Candy Cane branch, be happy with what you get not what you don’t have basically is all I can say.

Luna he is not asking for more for himself he’s asking to be allowed to give gifts to others during hard times!


Oh why don’t you actually read it properly :man_facepalming:

^This. Thank you.
Honestly Malik, I don’t know why I even bother.