Gig may be broken?

I feel like Gigs runes may be broken. Gig is supposed to heal 15% and then his legendary and mythic add 15 and 20% to that. I don’t feel that percentage is actually reflected in game play.

What do you think?

His runes are maxed.

I’m not quite sure that’s how it works. The heal spell heals a certain amount of HP that is based on the dragon’s modified HP. I think the runes add a percentage to that HP amount, and they don’t change the base amount.

So 2000 hp Gig (as an example) means the heal spell heals 300hp. Add the runes for a +35%, and now the spell heals 300 * 1.35 = 405 hp (just over 20% of base hp). Not 100% certain though, maybe someone can confirm/rebuke with another dragon?

Even then, the amount healed seems low though, definitely worth for someone to look into.

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all looks good for me.
As @Morreion said. what runes do, they increase the skill power but basing on skill dmg/heal. in this example that +20% increase from glyph is based on skill 15% HP amount. so in total ( +35% on base 15% HP value), it will heal just around 20%, the video shows exactly that case.

you can check if it is correct, by cropping health bar to some image editor, count total length, then select blue area and check how much of total length it is. it looks as 20% for me. maybe not most accurate but definitely you can check if it is more like 20%, 10% or 15%

:joy: I was doing exactly that as you wrote


18.6%, bit weirdly inbetween. Not the most precise measuring method, but the expected 20.25% would be 35px, enough to see. But it’s also clearly more than 15%.


Can be also that some shadowing at the beginning and at the end are also counted to hp gain so it would be actually those 1-2 pixels more ; )

His Cosmic Gaze also glitches a lot, and does nothing but go into cooldown.

Both mythics are glitchy from what I hear.

For context, runes that affect spells modify the spell’s parameter multiplicatively. So in Gig’s case, the base Cosmic Gaze healing is 15% of Gig’s modified HP. The rune increases the 15% by 20%, so .15 * 1.2 = .18 or 18%. It does NOT increase the 15% healing to 35% (.15 + .20 = .35).


If the bar length was linear and accurate, that would be a good way to do it. But we know, at least for some other bars, that they are not remotely linear or accurate (xp bar, rss full bar, etc). Hell, when I harvest food, the bar goes DOWN (but the number goes up). Go figure.

So it doesn’t do what any normal person would expect (the textbook definition of a design bug), but instead has a rather small increase, making you think you’re getting more than you actually do. I think most people would prefer the rune be labeled +3%.


Unfortunately, the rune’s display number is drawn from the backend number (.2), and we can’t easily decouple them. Though I agree that the system isn’t intuitive.

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Not sure I agree with this. It always felt fairly obvious to me. Runes directly modify the spell itself. So if say a spell healed you for 10% hp and you had a rune that gave an additional 20% heal, it would be a total of 12% health, because its modifying the healing of the spell.

Or to put it another way the mythic rune of the shore gives Sand Blast Damage +20%. So it increases sand blast damage which is 18% of max health by 20%. If Dreth has a hypothetical 100 hp, then sand blasts base damage is 18. The rune increases that 18 damage by an additional 20% for a gain of 3.6, meaning that sand blast deals 21.6 damage. That seems logical to me because its not increasing the % of max HP that the dragon is using to deal damage, but rather multiplying the damage that the spell does by 20%

I guess maybe the disconnect is that the rune effects that change dragon stats are additive. For example if you had a rune that gave +5% dragon attack and a rune that gave +10% dragon attack, they would work together to be +15% attack.

But if you think about it in the context of spells, most spells use multaplicative effects based off of modified HP. For example 10% of warrior health as damage is really .1*Warrior Health.

Good for you. But I also think it is unintuitive. If I want to do some serious mathematical calculations I’d rather do them in the context of something important, not some stupid app.


If basic highschool math is too much work, then simply don’t? Just equip the runes and accept whatever bonus they give. You only need to do any math if you want to know exactly how the game works.


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