GiG or Narlyth - atlas 5 🔥 run?

So which season mythic is better for atlas 5 :fire: mechanics?
I am level 450 and will get 457 in next fort. I have both dark and earth element elite expert offensive gears.

I know Narlyth has potential to hit up but at the end it comes down to quicker atlas 5 :fire: runs.

Hitting down - GiG seems to have upper hand
Hitting comparable level bases - ?
Hitting up - I guess GiG will struggle here and Narlyth has bit advantage in good hands.

Your opinion plz.

I personally don’t have either (plan to have Narlyth at end of season), and haven’t seen much Gig gameplay sadly… but I would ask, if you’re hitting down, so you think Gig will really have an advantage over Narlyth?

Hitting down you should probably expect to not have to worry about taking some damage and about anchoring for as much rage as possible. Narlyth has 2 very high damage spells, rage regen spell, and ammo regen speed spell allowing a lot of burst damage use throughout the attack.

Just purely based on paper and my own speculation I would think Narlyth should be faster hitting down, equal and up. :man_shrugging: Of course assuming the flier is familiar and the spells work correctly.

I feel like this answer is completely dependant on skill. Narl is substantially more challenging that gig. That means his highs can be higher than gigs. But his lows can be substantially lower than gig.

If you are very good with narl I expect him to be faster than gig. However if you are not confident with him, gig feels far more reliable and safe to fly. He is more forgiving.

When hitting down things are safer for both so I expect hunters ability to target multiple towers makes narl faster here.

Aren’t warriors inherently bad for Atlas? (“slower”)
I haven’t used a warrior for anything real in so long that I don’t know

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(Maybe with the unique exception of UVS)


I am not completely sure, but I think it would depend on the spellkit of the warrior vs the spellkit of the hunter. For example a setup hunter would probably be slower than say a warrior like Chelenoth simply because you are going to fly through the base with two dragons instead of one.

But even within that context it would vary, for example Tez or Cavaleris are especially slow dragons for warriors since their playstyle likes to abuse bases that have small towers thrown out in the front to build extra strength.

Well, if the dragon can hit up then it shouldn’t have any problems hitting similar levels or down :thinking:

So I would guess Narlyth especially since your worried atlas runs which require speed also & Narlyth will finish bases faster then Gig.

I think its more related how fast you will finish the run before get sniped lol. Looking at it this way, u want Gig.

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Can you explain why you think Gig can finish faster?

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The words you had after the part I quoted are unnecessary.

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Not if you add evasion to him :joy::ghost:

What “if” you have Meglok as lead an then GiG as a follow up…:flushed: now that’s a good warrior combo because even if you used all your rage or got rage drain. GiG doesn’t require any rage to use his 2 primary spells.

Meglok would already debuff some towers with his tangled kelp, so they take additional 30% of damage from all sources. Then you come with GiG as a follow up to debuff towers again but his debuff reduces all incoming damage by I forgot what %’s.

Especially how atals is, when more ppl will defend when they see a atlas(blue) banner.

I mean if the meglok killed nothing and died with zero rage that might be a good combo to try and salvage the situation. But thats a very specific situation.

You could do the same with hau and crumble to dust.

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I’m just saying :man_shrugging:t2:

That situation can happen time to time or a lot for some players…

I’m just throwing ideas out there :eyes:

You are wrong if u think Gig doesnt need rage. The rage gives him the Shield/Ap boost.

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