Gig over Ronin OR Narlyth?

Hello everybody
simple as it may seem, I have a complicated delemma.
I state that I have a Full Dark Elite Set (on Ronin ofc) and Zero Earth Gears. I just generated (but not incubated) 2 Empyrian Drags(Tuktu and Methlex).

Considering the above, what mythic should I take?
I want to clarify that I am able to fly both;)
I am very interested in Narlyth (u know, its OP :slight_smile: but the obvious problem is the absolute lack of Earth Gears, which will require months and months between glory hunt, resources for upgrading, timers etc.
Immediately take a dragon that will require months of waiting and “hard work” (im a free to play) to be played.
Instead Gig would be immediately ready for use.
Thats my dilemma…

with the recent buff at the HP of the towers, Ronin seems to struggle at one-shot towers with Execute.

Personally I’d go with the dragon I have gear for and get ahead of the game and start crafting/upgrading for the dragon you plan to get next, otherwise you will always be behind. Others might have a different option for you though.


Thats why i was thinking but girl, Narlyth is so Potentially OverPower : /
The other side of the medal is , Gig worth the place of my adorable Ronin ?

A lot has to do with your level. If Naryl will last you for a good while then playing catch up with the gear might be an option, but if he’s going to be struggling by the time you actually get full gear on him then no matter how good he is…


As i saied, i have breeded Tuktu and Methalex ( but not incubated). Edit, im lv400

Personally I prefer Ronin over narlyth and gig before lvl 442 (when gig and narlyth can evolve to abyssal). Before lvl 442 Ronin and this season’s divine have same base stats. But Ronin is more stable and can kill atlas fast. With havoc boost, he still can beat weak killing island full of 90s.
As Ronin probably will still be your main flagship dragon for 1~2 months, he still need good gears. Then claim gig might be useless unless you need a dark perch warrior.


If it’s farming glory that’s the issue, try crafting the elite gear. Just make sure crafting is going on constantly to get the elite set and upgrade it as and when you can. It gets it done pretty quick.

Honestly, if you can fly hunters I rate narl highly. He is very strong, bugs or not.
Gig I don’t have an accurate read on. Chances are he will be stronger until your gear is up to scratch. It just depends on how you want to play it.

If you pick gig. Ronin is out of action as he has no gear.

If you pick narl, ronin will still be useful up to and beyond when narl gets geared. But it’ll take a while.

I’d be going for narl myself. But I am very biased


No diplomatic or fainboi answer. Take GiG.
Review new season dragons and prepare gear based on your liking. your new season mythic and its element expert gear should be ready at same time.

P.S: I personally took Narlyth and happy about it cause I am at end game level with both element expert elite gear.

What tier, and are you likely to go for either fafnyr or Noctarn next season? Generally I’d say you want narlyth, ger narlyth. Craft elite Earth gear, claim Earth shards from the atlas season, it really doesn’t take that much to get decent if next season is a similar structure. The answer might be different if you’re at or near endgame and don’t hit up as much or if you plan to go for noctarn or fafnyr and need ice or Earth gear for them.

You say Ronin is struggling to execute things, but what do you think Gig is going to do with those things that Ronin struggles with? He can one-shot one tower or something, i think, but then what?

As someone who has ronin and gig, I kept my full set of elite dark gear on ronin. Ronin is still my go to dragon for war and atlas. Gig is fun but doesn’t have the burst damage like ronin. Gig was given leftover legendary gear just to have fun with before he ends up on a perch if I ever get a dark defense set leveled up.

Picked Narlyth :slight_smile:
Love him and till now i havent problems, dont know why people cry…


i do have problems with narlyth as it would’ve been much easier to fly. but i still do love it as it requires skills = fun in my view. (a lot more so than ronin)


Nice bro :sunglasses::ok_hand:

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This was my 1st decent hit with Narlyth, legit. I am only just beginning to learn to fly him.

Forgot to say thank you. Lol

Forgot again. Thank you. :grin::vulcan_salute::alien:



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