Gig vs megalok?

So if you wanna compare gig vs meg. Who wins?

Or should I just go for narlyth?

Depends on your current tier ( I’m too lazy to look you up) and flying ability. Also depends on whether they fix narl or not

Lvl 392 currently
So empyrean next forti

Good with hunters,

Meg is probably your best bet then. I’ve heard a story about a max gig being shot down by 85s properly defended (can’t confirm myself nor can I say who said such story but I will typically trust what he says :shushing_face:). Narl would be the best of the 3 but the WOM issues that PG can’t seem to fix let him down quite a bit :expressionless:


If you when Meglok then 100% get Narlyth.

My opinion Meglok is much better then GiG.

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