Gilas Post-Launch Tuning

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the Strange Lands season. I have been in game a lot so far this season, and I am enjoying flying with and against many of you. I want to give everyone a head’s up about some minor adjustments to game balance coming next week. We see ample evidence in our win-rate data that Gilas is over performing relative to other seasonal legendary dragons, and we are going to apply some post-launch tuning next week.

Gilas’s over-performance comes from the long durations and low cooldowns of its defensive spells. It is too easy to cast Sandstorm just as an island’s first attacks go off and when Sandstorm’s duration is done, fill the time when Sandstorm is on cooldown with Distract’s invulnerability. Gilas’s extra ammo from Quickdraw ensures that this dragon can destroy the island’s shield tower and several red mage towers before needing to cast Distract.

We’re happy with the general gameplay pattern here and have no intention of removing it, however, it’s currently far too easy to avoid non-beam damage just by casting these two spells in sequence. We’re going to shave 1 second from the duration of Sandstorm and 1 second from Distract’s invulnerability duration. This still leaves Gilas with two powerful defensive options but raises the skill required to time their use correctly and creates brief windows of vulnerability. This should give active defenders a chance to succeed that is more in line with other legendary dragons.

I want to end with two important notes.

First, we’re super happy that a high-adoption branch like the discount dragon has put an effective hunter in the hands of many players and have no intention of crippling Gilas’s performance. We’ll be watching win-rates and other in-game performance data around Gilas very carefully and will follow up if Gilas’s win-rates are not in-line with other seasonal legendary dragons. I have every confidence that Gilas will remain a very effective dragon after these changes, and expect that this dragon will still be a little on the strong side. As noted, we’ll be monitoring this closely.

Second, post-launch tuning is not something we do lightly, but it is an important tool that I think you’ll see us using slightly more of in the future. We test these dragons thoroughly (shout out to GPF testers! woots!) but there is always additional learning when many thousands of players start flying the dragons or building the towers.

Have a great weekend everyone, and I hope you all defeat many Temple Raid guardians!


Really? :rofl: You fixed something that is not a problem. Way to go…

That dragon was easy to kill when defended. I defended against the best, yes.

You guys listening too much whining from the guys you chose to listen.

Let one dragon, discount or not, surprise ppl… for once…


He didn’t say he listened to a group of people, or even faction members. But data regarding win/loss ratios. Opinions are subjective, just like yours and mine. But, as you know, quantitative data on a large scale leaves little for misinterpretation.


I guess reading carefully is an art now days :eyes:





Literally shot down plenty with him. Ask paper lmfao. One group of three lightnings and you’re dead. Defended or not. Hope yall are happy… maybe you can fix my atlas next.


Aww man. I was just about to level him. At this point, why? It’s so discouraging. Can complain all day long about mythics like Hau2 and Gig, but we finally get thrown a bone and people complain? So frustrating…


Do I need to be D1 to advertise myself ? Good is relative , we see what’s absolute in your words though :man_facepalming:t2:


I was able to kill dream’s verdant (107 vs. 105s) gilas on my base with 1 or 2 defenders. He barely got 70% the first time tho. However he is also relatively new to the dragon. Def doesn’t seem OP/in need of a nerf tho


that is not the point… I saw how Gilas could be flown… defended one good attacker… %0.01 of the whole players could fly it successfully.

What is the point of nerfing such a dragon.

I bet the current PG employees could not even design Necryx.

Surprise ppl. give them some good cheap dragons. Do not nerf F2P dragons. It is good for the game.


His window of exposure is very very small .

You get 5 second duration from SandStorm , it goes on a 3 second cooldown , You cast distract get 2 seconds invulnerability , meanwhile u kill crucial towers while reloading ammo .

So his one second of being vulnerable is not OP ? Also not rocket science to equip lightnings .


Read more :man_shrugging:t2:

Also do I need to remind you the game starts from orange tier for this dragon , the low tiers are suffering a lot more than top bases .


Low tiers always suffer with divines lmao


There are parameters that indicate this dragon’s win rate double defended is higher compared to many dragons .

A better idea would be to scrap one of these two terrible mythics and give Gilas a mythic title. Two problems, one stone :joy::joy:


If you havent flown them a lot you cant be the judge of that yet .


I am dissapointed. PG has two mythics that both need a buff and instead they nerf the hunter? I was enjoying Gilas. And they aren’t that overpowered, you just need to know how to defend against it. Now Gilas has an opening of two seconds were they take all damage instead of one second! While you are at it you may as well nerf Morak too!!! And don’t forget Krelos, next up PG is gonna nerf Krelos guys i’ve called it.


More specifics into this ?

lol I haven’t even seen that dragon flying yet hahaha. Nobody flies him. :joy:

@PGNines bud how about a nerf for the terrible and awful mythics of this season. Totally trash dragons.