Give Atlas Both Mythic Options of the Full Set of Gear

As the title suggests, in Atlas we complete both sets of Offensive and Defensive branches for one option to pick from the Mythic gear available.

My suggestion is that the game should offer Both sets of Mythic gear at the same time that the player can choose from.

The way this would work is that you still have to complete the 2 sets of Elite branches, but you then can pick only one Mythic gear branch.

In base game, in the past you would complete 3 branches and had 2 Mythic dragons to pick from, but we can only choose 1 Mythic dragon per season. (Unless we met the requirements to get the second) So in this way, why should Atlas be restricted to only one option?

Implications are rather still the same as before, you’re only getting half the set, however to me this is more user friendly incase say, you took a season break from Atlas and want to jump back in to find out “oh it’s the offensive side again, I got that last time”

This will help to reduce repeated pieces and help bolster people to completing their full sets even if they took a break from Atlas and are worried about which half of the Gear the Atlas season will be on.


You can choose to do the defensive side and you’ll get defensive mythic pieces. If you’re an Atlas player you can easily complete one of the two options and if you’re very active both, offensive and defensive. Otherwise you decide from where starting from. :wink:

Yes you can get half of both Tower and Dragon in one season, but if you need Attack pieces, but the HP are what the current season has, you’re forced to pick another set that won’t help you complete the halves you already have.

I think he means dragons attack half (sword set) and Dragons ‚defense‘ half ( shild set)


Yes, this! Sorry I wasn’t aware there were terms for it :sweat_smile:

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