Give Faf’nyr some cosmetic armour pieces... Seriously, who just wears tail armour...? I’m sure other dragons could do with something similar

Faf’nyr has armoured shoulders, an armoured chest, and an armoured…tail…

And the rest of this ‘golden splendour’ dragon has nothing.

…who even fitted the armour? Did they finally get the tail on and think, “nah, screw this. That was too fiddly”

I mean come on devs, for earning a mythic, you get a dragon who is half-ready for battle…
At least give him something for his noggin. What if he takes an archer tower’s arrow to the head? That would be a tragedy! I don’t want him conking out on me mid-flight.

I’m sure there are other dragons too that could benefit from such cosmetic wear, for their own self-pride, no?

…oh, and for god’s sake, give Faf a bit of a buff. He’s depressed at how many towers stay standing after all his shining. Seems he’s just a lightbulb with wings…


I believe it is fine, it’s ok for them to leave armour pieces out.
Thinking deeper the most vulnerable parts of a dragon would be the chest, stomach, shoulders and tail.
Not trying to put you down Tirasus but it’s a bit picky


I thrive on being picky. My most redeeming quality.
Plus, if I think deeply, I’d have thought the neck would be the worst. It’s the bit he breathes out of. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a living dragon to test this on.

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You’re apparently unaware of the fact Faf’nyr literally has molten gold and other precious metals coating most of his underside and neck… That’s what you get when a very hot Dragon sleeps on gold for years. Besides after he devoured the first three dwarves who tried to fit anything on his head they renounced to cover it. He’s not a tame Dragon…


Ah now this is true

Also, I did wonder where Rosheen went. One minute she was riding Faf’nyr, the next she wasn’t.
I did wonder why Faf didn’t have any appetite for his dinner last level up.

I figure Astrid has a better chance of trying to evade his jaws with the whole Angel/Wing/Valkyrie thing going on

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Yeah I have the same problem

Where are dragons when you need them?

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you haven’t been looking hard enough or asking questionable enough people

Ahh yes I will see the mother of dragons

He fitted his own armour but only put it on the bits of his body he can reach.

He has really short arms.

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