Give Uber Sylvanias 😭

It hates my forum profile, even after nuking all sessions and logging in from in-game, along with changing my profile pic during that whole thing. :timergold:

random other avy because I can


:flushed: Thought you didn’t change it…
Also, I remembered @Lutrus did change his avatar (to Obsidias) at some time.
@Arelyna @Crisis Can it be solved?

Got mine changed to ignias. @Arelyna please give her sylvanias :grin:

Too. Much. Green. :face_vomiting:

Anyone says green? :upside_down_face:

Does anyone have Uber Slyvanias working for their forums profile? If not, it’s probably needing PG to take action first.

If so, have you tried changing your profile to a third party, confirming it sync’s to the forums, then try changing it to what you want?

I had similar issue with the forums moderators portrait, and when it was fixed on the back end it didn’t want to change until I got it to sync a new one first and then change it.

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@Tulkas has it

Edit: Forgot you were asking for the Uber one :grin:

:thinking: What about Morreion?

I remember your method for the mod portrait or any troublesome portrait was

Change the portrait to another one, sign out and in, then put the new one and sign out and in

And it worked! @forScience you could eventually try? No harm done in trying…


Yeah. No need to deprive her of Super (Uber) Green. That’s just cruel and unusual.

I know the issue we had on the mod portrait was that since we set them before they had been configured to exist on the forums properly, they falsely thought they were in sync, and there appears to be logic on the sync that would result in a “no change” and did not resync it. So that’s why you may need to use something other than your previous or current portrait.

Not clear on if anyone has the Uber portrait working or not. I would have thought they fixed all the temple raid portraits together since they all showed up in game at the same time (even if nobody could unlock them all at the time)

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:smiling_imp: Unknown Soldier saves the day!

  1. Force log out everything from settings
  2. Close app in app switcher
  3. Set Unknown Soldier (or whatever)
  4. In-game, gear icon -> forums to check it switches - didn’t do this step last time
  5. Force log out again
  6. Uber avy
  7. In-game, gear icon -> forums = win

Pet thread goes back to being the most important thread on the forums now :stuck_out_tongue:

:beers: People

Edit: Also, as someone pointed out, it’s actually Sylvinias, but I think that Sylvanias looks better, so not correcting it :innocent:


Huzzah! Glad you got your portrait fixed :tada:

I haven’t used this portrait since we got the custom Avatars a few seasons ago. I’d love to be able to use my in game portrait on the forum but sadly I can’t. :pensive:

If the steps above didn’t work for you, time to poke Arelyna/Crisis more :smiling_imp:.


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