Give us a confirmation screen for changing teams

Although I have never accidentally accepted an invite to another team, I always dread the chance that I will accidentally hit that accept invitation button. So I inevitably delete those emails without even opening them.

I am fairly certain that there are other players who feel this way. And I have known players who end up on another team purely by accident because they opened that recruitment email and hit the wrong button.

We currently have pop ups asking us for confirmation if we are sure we want to use a single 12 hour clock. Why can’t we have a similar pop up message when we click that accept button on a recruitment email?

I made a comment about this in another thread, though my comment was off topic for what the thread was originally about.


Very good suggestion.

I didn’t make that mistake yet but was very close to touching Accept button as its placement is right where “Reply” is supposed to be.
I would instinctively go to that button and click it to reply the mail sent to me as i would always like to politely refuse the invite in case i don’t accept.

Dear God, yes please!

Additionally - can I just please turn off the ability to receive invites in the first place. The first two or three invites to a bronze-gold team are cute, the following 10 are not.**

**note: I mean nothing against teams on bronze-gold, but inviting a level 324 who is the leader of a diamond team? Come on…


Yeah can’t imagine that is fun. But you would be like the strongest player in bronze :joy::joy:

Seems like a good idea though. I would expect something as big as changing teams by accepting an invite should have a confirmation.

@PGJared @Arelyna Could we get some sort of confirmation screen implimented when accepting an invitation to change teams?

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I’m always very VERY careful around those mails in fear of an accidental accept. Have seen people accidentally press the button and it gets messy lol. Thankfully I don’t get as many invites anymore since medal glitch stopped forcing me onto the leaderboard

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