Give us a X-mas tree on our Base Skin

It would be nice to get a x-mas tree on our base. Maybe it could stay one day for each candy cane…


I want a Santa and reindeer for my base perch.


You want Santa and his Reindeer to be immolated by dragons??? No Christmas this year …


… and how do we cater for the many other cultural denominations that do not recognise the significance of a Christmas tree but may want their holiday/ time of significance also acknowledged?

Instead though can I have a grinch who taunts dragons that die?

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I think it’s best if they stay away from religious based symbols (even if it is a stolen symbol).
Id rather just have some snow and ice added buy we cant have nice things

The tree is not really religous. Howevermaybe a snowman

What about those of us currently in Summer with 42 degree days for Xmas :stuck_out_tongue:

Can we have some Kangaroos on the beach instead?


Or maybe a Koala climbing the Xmas tree? The little sh1t5 love climbing Xmas trees.


Please put Kadomatsu at the gate of Home Island :bamboo:( ‘-’ :bamboo:

It seems no matter what you suggest you will find people making fun of it and explain you why this is not a good idea… Ok forget the tree or anything- but this makes me feel sad. Is anyone really being personally feeling bad when he sees a tree? I also never said other symbols in other important holidays would be bad. Just take a little look at what google does. Our differences make us special, they are not bad. I would very much also like a kangaroo, but I doubt it is special for this time of the year.

So is that a no on the Grinch?

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I liked when the base skins changed according to the season. It’s a shame that now any changes need to be paid for.


I might actually pay $5 for a full base skin like they used to have - this dressing up the home/resource island isn’t motivating enough for me.

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Just ignore the idiots ,they bitch moan complain or have opinions on everything.

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