Give us an outlet for trading items please

Is there a way to create a “market” / “black market” / “bazaar” or whatever…that could be used to trade items with other players?

Player A would offer 4k Black Pearls for anyone who can trade…say… 1000 gems, or 3k egg tokens, or whatever. Player B would obviously have to have the goods to trade.

-Eggs for Timers
-Timers for Shards

  • Black Pearls for Food

This works in other games. Can anyone make this happen?


Alt-trading makes this not a good idea right away

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Exactly what I was thinking

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or cheaters will find a way to make their legit account “legit” with this feature.

unless everyone is okay with the rule “if you traded with a cheater. knowingly or not that what you obtained is an illegal item will result in being banned from the game”

I’d rather just have a store, or be able to forge wider variety of items. I’m basically dependent on solely seasonal lines when it comes to embers, for example, I only spend on elite so can’t really afford buying gold chests during fort just to get wood packs and hate myself for it lol


Ive been begging for this for 2 years lol. I even asked the devs when i went to the atlas launch party. They said there was no way to police it and it could easily be abused/hacked. I would like to see it though

I would rather see the Salvage Shop fixed up than introduce even more attack vectors. Even if it ended not not being amazing, it’d be better than just pointless accumulation of stuff.

In a perfect world, if this wouldn’t get ridiculously abused, then sure.


No matter how many times someone comes up with it, I say the same:


My concern, too.

What I would love, however, is a resource trading system that stays within your own base. Something like transferring lumber <-> food: 5 for 3. (credit goes to Castle Cats)

Or a Beaver that gives lumber packs after being fed on perch


something like a marketplace for your own like in other offline/single player games where you trade 250 gold for 250 food then it becomes 260 gold for 240 food for the next exchange (goes up and down depending on what you want to trade it to).

I guess, we can say that is at least feasible since you are the only one that is affected by it. Add that it resets every 24 hours.

It is leveled based on your storage hut so it exchange 10% food for 10% wood then goes to 11% food for 9% wood.

the bad thing for this would be that during fortification and training event, both food and wood will always be empty or below protected level because you always exchange them whenever possible.

Unfortunately our app security and anti cheating isn’t good enough yet. Honestly, this is my fault as I’ve been in charge of it for a year. Either way, as a result, any sort of trading economy isn’t possible — cheater resources will wreck the game in a way which is 10x worse than the way cheaters currently wreck the game.


This is the most honest response I’ve ever seen!

Much respect for that! :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


hmm, feeding a beaver could be fun.


not sure “Fault” is the correct word. The fault lies with those that cheat, hack, exploit, etc…

Person A hacks 1M rubies. Person B sells 1k pearls for 1M rubies. Person A gets banned for cheating and person B is legit. It could never be a player trading post. The cheating would get more out of control than we already have.


Wow that’s constructive.

In reply to the thread, I agree with @forScience. It’s not a bad idea, but the amount of work and upkeep it would require would be tremendous. More developed ideas that solve issues related to this would be better to see at this point in time.

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