Give us our hats back - Atlas Elite purchase

I’ve mentioned this before as a post on another thread which seemed a popular idea so I wanted to put it again as its own topic and ask @PGGalileo to maybe raise this one up the flagpole.

Every time Atlas Elite expires, our farmer hats decrease from 24000 to 8000. This is infuriating, as you give us no option to buy our next Atlas elite ahead of time to counter this.

Can you please ask the team if it’s possible to either:-

a) allow us to buy Atlas Elite before our existing Atlas Elite expires, or
b) increase farmer hats to max 24000 upon purchase of Atlas Elite.

Thank you please.


Yes please! This is quite irritating. Just give us full hats after purchase.


I was pretty sure that your hats do not decrease, and remain above 8000 until you use them.

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SO, I’m getting conflicting reports here… is this actually happening? If so - go ahead and submit a ticket - especially if multiple folks see this.


This is true. But the issue is we usually use up all the hats to buy troops. With expectation that it will top up to 24k in a few hours. If elite does expire before it reaches 24 k, the regeneration is stuck there. If below 8k when expired, it regenerates until 8k and stops there.

I think it is a reasonable request, either allow us to stack the elite duration or topup instantly on purchase of elite.


The post below you is a good example of what is meant.
If you have 17000/24000 hats, at atlas elite expires it will stop regenerating there. If you have 7000/24000 and this happens, it will stop at 8K. So when you wake up, you lose a few troops you could’ve trained.

I’ll do an experiment but I’m 99% sure mine dip to 8000 after Elite expires

It doesn’t, or shouldn’t if it was above 8K at any point.

Fwiw, I believe you can stack if you’re used to buying the monthly - can buy the weekly before monthly runs out to extend, beyond that, I personally haven’t tested, but I assume it may be possible to repurchase monthly

Don’t quote me on this though

If it does work though, that’s such a long work around that would just be far easier to counter with a change in the limit of the elite.

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If mine is at 2400 it always drops to 800 after elite expires and buying elite doesn’t change it. It stays at 800. Is that not supposed to happen?

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Pretty sure they reset to 8k when elite expires. Anyone have screens showing 24k but no elite?

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Mine resets to 8k as well.

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I think this is true and, if so, it makes the fact that you cannot but monthly ahead of your existing Atlas Elite expiring all the more ridiculous.

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Pretty sure it doesn’t reset, I know I’ve trained 2400 after my elite expired unless something has happened since the last time I bought elite. Got 10 more days of mine, if I remember I’ll make sure I’m at full 2400 when it resets and get a ss but I assume someone else is probably closer than 10 days and I probably won’t remember :joy:

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It has happened to me every time if I was sleeping when my AE expired

If I am online when it expires, hats are at 24000 but only for some time

Sort of off topic, but is Atlas Elite worth it?

For me I buy it, as I’d run out of troops in a week otherwise. However, if you aren’t very atlas active or throwing 50K taunters at all your problems, I’d say no

Okay, thanks.

How can you run out of troops? I just don’t understand.

I finish every season and end around 4-5m glory and I still get +300k troops on average every season. I don’t get it.

Anyway off topic.