Gladicus or No?

Hey everyone! Whats the take on Gladicus? Is he good to spend those sigils on or just stick to the old divine.

If you are getting the mythic you’ll need Gladicus- otherwise I’d skip him. Better options, you know?

Don’t think i’ll be getting the mythic. So i’ll skip him i guess. Thanks

He has a weeee bit of dust at least

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I had extra dust lying around so I put some rare/epic Regeneration and Healing Frenzy runes/glyphs on Khrysos and maxxed them (obviously a mistake after seeing the dust offered this season).

I noticed a huge change with the Regeneration spell in the recent balancing. I am only in the low 100’s, but it seems like a viable spell now to me (runed), so it made me start to wonder about Gladicus.

The changes with Abraxxas have been fun for me too. Have the balance changes made Warriors more useable at the higher levels of play?

Garbage dragon. Serious buyers remorse over here. The shield would be ok if it didn’t continuously sap your mana until it was all gone, and the other two spells are ho hum average at best. And since I don’t even need him to breed a better dragon, because I can’t do all three in a season, it’s been a complete fail.

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