Gliched Graphics

A friend of mine is having problems with her Samsung dispalying the game as shown in pics. She is not sure if its the game or phone thats causing. She tried contacting PG, but I she hasnt had a reaponse yet. Anyone know about this? Thanks.


That is very tame compared to what I usually experienced.

  1. Close Game
  2. Clear all applications
  3. Restart Game


PG has a lot of tickets right now, so it might take a bit. Just leave the ticket alone, saying something else with put you at the end of the list again

edit: deleting and reinstalling also fixes a lot of things

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She said she got a new phone, and started doing that when she installed it. Its been like that for a while. We were thinking it may be the phone’s graphics setting, but not sure yet.

Could be a phone issue, best way to know is to check with other games, try installing a different game .

It has happened on both android devices i’ve had as well as teammates samsung devices too.

Not just Samsung, sadly does it on my shiny new(er) Pixel as well.


Yeah, i have an alt for a samsung note 5 i had to lower graphics so it would run a bit better, too much HD make it laggy

Get the same glitches here quite frequently on the Pixel.

Have it too. Said android 8 was the issue. They don’t know how to fix it. You just learn to fly with it. I do

OnePlus does as well

I have the same problem. Xiaomi mi6, Android 8.0. Instructions from post 1 helps. I noticed this happens when the battery is 30% and the device heats up. There is no such problem with other games. I’m afraid it has to do with firmware.

Same here. Had it with my Samsung Tab2 a coiple times a day.
Bought a new tablet with (much) better specs and a new androidversion and now it does it just about always

Oh, this isn’t the color/paint fun run? Jeez, what a letdown!

Brand new Pixel. Since day 1 of my game install and VERY frustrating!!

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Galaxy note 8, same issue

Lucky if glitch happens on home I can quit. But several times it happens after attack starts.
I can’t see spells, sometimes can’t see health or ammo

I am still on Android N (7.1.1)

Happens to me and my Note8. Quite a pain

Perhaps PG should release a dragon to commemorate this glitch/bug?

Acknowledgement: credit for this image goes to Katy Lipscomb (image stolen from google images)


Any updates regarding this bug?