Glitch in the game

Found a glitch pg tell me why i didnt die lol :joy: idk what happened but on that island i should of died or gained health because i did use the heal think you may need to check that out or you will have angry players!!![


U did the right thing posting it before someone else did slandering your name


I’d also let support know so they can figure out this weired glitch :blush:

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I did they asked my concern um i should of died but didnt lol

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There is a similar issue with the stargazer perch: after the health bar went black, the dragon should have disappeared and the perch should have exploded, but instead it stayed there staring at me.


Yes but I shouldn’t of been able to make it around the corner at all I should had fainted period :joy: I used heal on other side stayed black you know that island should of killed me but did not idk what I did to get like that but I’m sure dude was mad about it and during a event and defending wasting resourses I’m sure was not a happy camper

in that case it’s most like only a visual glitch, too.

Nope because i had 0 health around the corner :joy: and should of died as soon as the ending of the small island was finished i had a flashing red real low then come around the corner and went dark u see my rage i didnt even have enough to heal i should of died

And they are going to send it out they need to because I’m telling you i should have died and if it was a war run i would of got 5 flames and i am a honest person so i figured i would let everyone know there is a glitch in the game and i have no idea how it happened either and u also know others would accuse of cheat so its best to let all players know about it to besides support

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Yes, I can see that. :slight_smile: Honesty is a nice trait.

I wonder what they will find. Please let us know if there’s any update on the issue!

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Living after death generally requires an intentionally timed action.

The bar going black (or being black the whole time) are pretty common visual glitches, at least on Android.

If they do find anything, I doubt they will tell you much at all. If you cast a spell or did something else at the moment of death, the animations sometimes prevent you from dying… But in these cases, healing often leads to death. So, idk.

You did what you can. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Yea they know there’s a issue I am on apple :apple: I’ll note that to lol I healed right before I died which I still should had died around that corner I let them hit me till I got close because of it that is why the defender left but I’m not just put it out here so people can see n not think people was cheating when it was a bug that stopped the :skull:

I was getting a similar issue on android with the black health bar and not dying, reported it and tried the various options they told me, force close, uninstall ect, now they want me to roll back my current OS which is Oreo back to nougat to “try” and see if it has helped, havent done it but haven’t had the glitch/bug in a few days actually now that I think about it!

Rolling back your OS for a single application does not seem like it is worth the time or potential data loss.

Exactly !! Hence why I am not doing it ! Tbh after the recent update I haven’t had as many bugs, still some though but just now as many, will see how long it last !

Until Thursday.

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