Glitch/Problem I can't tell if just me

Since last night I am regularly coming across an issue where I am completely unable to start the app. I click the button and it just sticks to a black screen until I force close it once again. Can stay like this for over an hour at a time I’ve seen. This is not the same as the regularly experienced random closing, visual glitches, etc. This is something new I’ve been experiencing basically since the last event started (AFTER the treasure hunt phase I should say) but I have no idea if it’s something that might be going on with my phone. I did happen to install new phone update the night prior to this happening.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S8+, Verizon, running latest updates.

I’ve done everything including phone restarts, force closes, etc. Only thing I have yet to do is uninstall the app and reinstall. Wanted to check and see if this was something others have noticed lately before doing so.

Only thing I can think it might be is that it’s taking longer to clear out the cache after a crash so if I try and restart the game quickly it’s still “broken”. I don’t know.

That’s interesting… this guy is also having issues on S8+ with Verizon. O.o

If you have a ticket in-game on the new ticketing system, try to get the number and ping @ PGJared (without the space between the @ and PGJared).

I’ve experienced most of those same glitches he’s mentioned but the main one about the game closing on its own as many times as it does is definitely not something I would say. On my worst days during super heavy usage I may get like one random closure an hour.

Something like this? #442331 @PGJared

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