Glitch with Revive

I just did five attacks on a gold mine to revive the 2,000 plus soldiers. I had 8,000 hats ready to go, almost 800k Gold. I hit revive, and it revived one soldier and left me with 70k Gold. I used over 700k Gold to revive one soldier. That is a brutal exchange rate.

A quick search of the forums shows this:

:rage::rage::rage::rage: I just did it again. I spent 610k gold on another 1 soldier :nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

You didn’t lose the gold. Please use the main thread to avoid redundant posts.

Gold will show up on restart of game.

I found it as well. Thanks. I sent a support ticket as well.

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The linked topic closed 2 days ago, but I wanted to make sure @PGDave knew this is still happening.

I think it no longer has the gold dissapear until restart, but the recovery UI will attempt to recovery more troops than you have available when you have more gold than needed but the amount needs less than 8k hats.

@EidolonRM Are you saying the slider’s position is too high for recovery troops? e.g., if you have 100 troops to revive the slider would default to some value greater than 100 if you had enough gold for this higher number?

no, when you hit revive, it default the slider all the way to the right and showing the max amount to revive, but once you proceed to revive, the slot will only show 1 troop being revived and you lost the max amount of gold equivalent to the actual revive… e.g you have gold 800k, you have hat 800k, you hit revive, only 1 troop pending, lost 794k gold.

Thanks, will get this fixed.

These photos may help. The first shows my revive queue, the second shows what happens when I click on the button. Notice the number of troops it defaults to reviving. If you manually set the number to revive it works just fine. Weird things happen if you just press go.

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