Glitch with Tialos’s spells

Whenever I equip a spell and inner fire on tialos his passive spell disappears and all his spells are messed up. Sorry, I can’t show the whole clip because the file was too large

Only visual, I believe.
There’s only spot for 5 spell icons AFAIK.

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You can upload on youtube and share link

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This was part of the latest update.

im sure its hidden because there is only 5 spot for spell. u can test his passive in bot bases. try doing without inner fire/spell equiped and not equipped to see the damage (the one that shows red numbers when damage is done to towers)results (is it damage passive spell??!! idh talios )

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It’s just hidden, but it’s still there and active. It’s like if you equip a spell/resist and inner fire. The inner fire gets hidden but will still apply.

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Not the passive spell but “current” and “islandmaker” are messed up

Hmm, I see the problem.
Both “adaptive” spell are listed there, while the icon for “Current” vanished.

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checking on this

Thankyou :blush:

it’s been assigned a ticket for investigation


Any updates on this since the same thing is affecting one of this seasons mythics?