Glitch with tidal surge, desiccating Sand, and death gaze

@PGJared @PGPulse @PGLawson death gaze isn’t working as intended a good portion of the time it does nothing when it lands, and therefore wastes the spell and ruins the run

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Sand is doing something similar from time to time, including on straight aways where there should be no issues.

You are firing too early


I believe that it will count if it hits after the turn is completed.

It works 50% of the time from the same position, why not all the time or none of the time

Just out of curiosity, did Noctua’s vine feel like it’s easier to vine 5 on lower level towers to you?

By the way, I hate when what was in the video happens. It kills my mood lol

Yeah sometimes it is

Yeah for sure that’s a fire too early issue. If you run freexp280 with ember you can get the timing down.

because of the few milliseconds you fire later.

Essentially you have to be done turning, and not “still turning” its hard to explain in words, simply fire a bit later, you can still kill it without it shooting you.

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Though the issue with FreeXP280 is that some people have “show trees in battle mode” turned on. Turn that off and you won’t have issues.

That’s another problem. I was referring to turning the corner with ember. If your timing sucks, u won’t get the extra tower before u swap out. It’s good practice for DG on the turn.

Ah. I hadn’t realized that was an issue. I shall have to test it out.

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