Glitch with tokens missions/no 100% bonus from Breeding event

Ok,so here is a few SS
Help Dora to find where tokens have been stolen :speak_no_evil::joy_cat:

A hint. 3 different accounts with green,Obsidian and Harbinger balloon and regular elite account (during breeding event)
Can you guys help us to fix it,please?
Tickets sent,but I’m not sure,that it’s a competence of Support Agents
Reinstalling doesn’t help
More,like a bug.
@Arelyna @PGCrisis pretty please :pray:t2:


Agreed I don’t really think obsidian and harbringer egg token balloons should give less tokens than a green one. That is messed up.

I’m in the same boat! Tried reinstalling, made a ticket, missing out on egg tokens :sob:

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Same thing here, guess we found the messup with the update.

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These all look like the normal amounts for those egg tiers? With the green the only one with a 100% token boost active, nothing to do with the balloon not working.

If those accounts do have the token boost unlocked, I guess it’s just the good old disappearing token boost.

Quite a few people have this problem. Including me. Reinstalling doesn’t help.

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I’m getting the same as you and I have garnet tier missions with the 100% egg token boost. I don’t know why I keep on spending sigils on the egg token boost when it doesn’t work half the time :slightly_frowning_face:

Reinstalling made mine go down even more :joy::cry::tired_face:

I didn’t get the egg line but I should be getting the breeding event boost.


Everyone should have 100% boost during breeding according to the breeding event email from PG.


All 3 accounts has only elite
We all supposed to have 100% boost,during breeding event ,if I’m not wrong
But it doesn’t work for everyone

You didn’t claim the 100% or 125% token bonus this season on any accounts either?
I thought this was the trigger; if claimed then it nullifies the boost. Must be a different glitch altogether bah

Mine is all down too

F2P alt has the breeding bonus last I checked. Main account (E2P) does not (no token boost from the season lines either) and I have deleted and reinstalled the app more times in the last 24 hours than I have in the past 2+ years that I’ve been playing. Still no breeding event boost :sob:

Ah yes, it’s been so long since I went without a season boost that I forgot everyone gets it during breeding. So it’s kind of the pro version of the missing 100%… Still nothing to do with the balloon though, that seems to be the only piece of token scaling that does consistently work :grin:

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No. It’s my alt, my own account and my teammate account.
Me and him going for Pathox,so skipping all other lines.
My mini Is behind with dragons,so I’m focused on dragons mainly

Used “balloon” to summarize meaning of ET missions numbers)

I am also not getting the correct amount of egg tokens. I am glad that I am not the only one. I am also wondering if I will see compensation for this mess up.

I had an event on my alt where I didn’t get breeding token boost despite having claimed 100%, and also was not gettting chest drops for an entire event. I talked with support multiple times, as well as PGJared on the forums.

I got exactly nothing to compensate me for the programming issue. I assume this will be the same.


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You are not alone-my friend and I have the same problem, support is silent, reinstalling the game does not help