Glitch with tokens missions/no 100% bonus from Breeding event

Not only I’m I not getting my 125% egg boost

I’m also not getting any chest drops!

But the one that has me really foxed is Kaiju spells, checkout explosive shield and Ballista resist. He’s not the only one in my roster that is having a little identity crisis :thinking:

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This prompted me to log in and see that I also wasn’t getting my extra tokens that we’re supposed to be getting… I did claim the token boost, and of course it’s a breed event, so we should get double tokens anyway

Hahahh! It’s hilarious

This is already being discussed here

This current post is moreso the breeding event bonus not applying, while your post is about seasonal egg boosts not working.

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@Arelyna any idea of when this will get fixed? We’re into day 2 of breeding and I’m still unable to get the +100% egg tokens that I should be getting during breeding events. Multiple re-installs (including signing out of the app completely so it’s at a lvl 1 account) before deleting and reinstalling have not fixed this issue.

I’m missing out on so many egg tokens :sob: there is absolutely no reason to grind tokens beyond what refreshes naturally :angry:


Same problem support replied once telling me to uninstall and it should be fixed. I immediately did this and responded back that it did nothing but haven’t heard a word from them since.

I’m tired of this happening almost every event and every update. Tired of jumping through hoops to get my stuff back. Missing out on valuable tokens, which turns into much needed sigils.

It started out that way, but since the breeding event started it’s been both issues, and they are linked according to what Arelyna has said :man_shrugging:

I had this happen to me, the only way I could fix it was to log out, start a new game, uninstall, power down my device, power up my device, reinstall game, log into main account.

Not sure if I got lucky or what, but thought I would share.

Edit: Take SS of your pocket ID and know your login information (email and password) BEFORE logging out.

You got lucky. I did that last night and when I woke up this morning. It’s still broken for me :frowning_face:

Ugh… sorry!

Definitely a bug. Been dealing with this for several hours. I have deleted and reinstalled many times. I got the double tokens for the breeding event to work finally by actually signing out of my pocket ID first then doing a reinstall and signing back in.

This issue is being discussed already over here

Thank you! Logging out, uninstalling and then reinstalling fixed part of my problems. Chests are dropping and shop packs back. Breeding boost still broken, but at least part of the game is working again.

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Me too, i’ve the same issue when Mini Event Train Primarch the ends. And when the mini event Build Troops is begun the Token mission is no double. The Chest is not drop too

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