Glitches and bugs

What I need to do…Game stucked at 99% . I did all the troubleshooting things but :cry:
I even factory reseted and then installed the game, it let me in but when I put my Pocket ID then it again atucked at 99%…Support is replying me after every 3 days…

Change it from off topic to main discussion, they are less likely to see your post here… also the best advice is to wait on support sadly

Have you tried opening the game after the spinning wheel of death? It always does that for me when logging back in i just force close then open as usual

Yes . I tried that but of no worth

I just changed it to General topics now. Is there any PG who can help me ?:confused:

tagging @PGJared for u

Thanks Sumatan…Hope he will reply soon

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