Glitches and what to do with them


So, moving forward…what is going to be done about people/teams that specifically exploit glitches? I know things like the forge glitch when it was abused, resulted in a ban of the account…considering Atlas has even deeper consequences, @PGDave does this also hold true?

1 troop "strategy", no GP for riders.

You don’t need to be so cryptic. Just say what you mean.


I am, I am asking for a stance on it.


I would hope the stance would be the same as it’s supposed to be in main game:

Actively and willfully repeatedly exploiting a glitch which results in gaining an advantage should result in a ban, temporary or permanently isn’t up to me.

But if a whole team or teams are repeatedly doing it for hours at an time, I don’t think they can claim ignorance. And since it has real monetary consequences for other players (eg you arent just benefiting yourself you are literally negatively effecting others) I would hope the response would be punitive.


Is there some new glitch going on now?


I doubt you will get a firm answer Panda as i am sure it depends on the glitch/exploit. What glitch/exploit are you talking about?

A universal “yes ban for all intentional exploits” would mean everyone using sage should be banned (as PGPulse claims thunderstorm was not suppose to damage through blue mages). Also everyone who does pre-war attacks would also get banned based on such a statement. You yourself would be banned for that. Taking such a stance is simply not practical nor do i feel those exploits should be bannable offenses. Yet on the reverse side there are glitch/exploits that deserve a ban, most notably airplane mode. So im with Lx, can you be a little less cryptic.


That was LX


fixed :slight_smile: 10


Honestly @Gox1201 has probably a more concise way of explaining it, I also don’t want it to become too common of a thing if PG can’t fix it. But if they check their logs on both Harlem420 and Zensation it should be pretty apparent.


DAMN YOU!! now i’m curious lol


Said glitch should definitely not be explained in public, imo. Dont want more ppl doing it. Just pm Jared or the appropriate admin, Dave i think is atlas man? Prob wont get a response today since its a holiday.


Pretty much…I dont expect an immediate response as I hope he is enjoying his holiday. But I do think, the widespread use would cause severe issues and people knowingly and willfully exploiting it without at least reporting it, would potentially be a bannable action. Although, give its scale that would be whole teams getting banned (which Im not against haha) but I think a refund of the troops lost, a patch for it would likely suffice as a solution.


One of my teammates was passed screenshots and a video from someone on a team affected by this. I can PM them to whoever it is (Dave?) who will be looking into this if desired.


Ive contacted Dave re it.


As far as the 1-troop attacks…which I think we can all agree are really pointless and annoying, should the garrison not just be pooled and a marshall appointed? If not, other than the Governor and banker, the other roles are pretty much pointless…

Additionally, the use of this exploit and its result are known to the point where the team gloats about its use in both League Chat and the Forums, so I have to imagine that ignorance of its use can be ruled out.


I’m with Panda here.
No need to discribe what exactly they doing,because some ppl can use it(which no one wants)
We saw videos and screenshots.
It’s definitely exploiting glitch,and that team knows about this very well,because they did it a lot of times (more then 20 in one day) so they definitely know what they’ve been doing.
Technically they did something to be untouchable .
So no one can conquer their island.
I think that using any kind of glitches which can cost another team loosing ships should be taken very seriously.
They should have compensation or those ppl should be punished in any way which PG employees will choose.
One thing is that ppl accidentally did something and stopped/reported.
And another-that ppl find the way to fool others and keep using it multiple times.


Yup that’s a major glitch. Thanks for clarifying. I wasn’t asking for details on how it’s done :joy:


I’m not sure spending rss and time refortifying a garrison as a team while it is being attacked should be classed as a glitch.

It is a rare occasion in this game that good organisation and time investment rather than financial can make a difference.

Otherwise surely Atlas will just be dominated by the big spending bullies…


I don’t think this is what Panda is moaning about


Mhm…When team using same glitch again and again(we saw video confirmation)
And few different players in same team doing it it’s exploiting glitch
Same as was with forge glitch earlier.
Ppl knows well what they are doing but keep using it instead of reporting
If it was 1-2-3 attacks from with same person-it could be understandable.
But there was A LOT of attacks on same team from FEW different teams and this team keep using this glitch to stay untouchable.
So it’s clearly to mistake.
It’s obviously that one person somehow found it and tell others how to use it,so they keep doing it.