Glitches during attacks for fight pits

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Is anyone else having freezing and restarts when attempting to fight? Also energy is being used when this happens and the game has to be rebooted.

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Yes. #1235554

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YES! I’ve been kicked out mid fight in the pits several times now and have wasted so much money. I just got my game back after being down for 3 days. I’ve spent about $200 last two weeks and this is killing me. To top it off I just started this game two weeks ago…

Is the best way to play just to not spend any money at all?

I’d advice anyone to get the elite account, but other than that spending $200 in your first weeks sounds a bit mad to me to be honest. I’d say play for a season or two, see if you’re still having fun, and learn which things are worth spending on and which aren’t. By then you can make a much better decision if you find it worth diving into the spending deep-end or not.


Thank you

I’m just a commoner :grin:
However, I agree that elite account change most things (faster exp grinding, *unlimited resources, make token grinding worth).

(*) Terms and Condition applied.

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Haha I know you’re getting impressive results even without elite, Orca.

Perhaps I should have said I advice everyone to get elite before even thinking about spending on anything else. I think it’s by far the best bang for buck. The decision whether this game is worth spending on at all, and if so how much, is of course entirely personal.

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I’ve still been having the issue at least a couple of times an hour and it’s using my energy even when it kicks me out right at the beginning. @Arelyna

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Same thing happens to me

Having glitch in the pit losing energy and not getting points

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Half the players seem to be impossible to attack, is it because they have become inactive like in wars? Right now there is literally no one to attack in the pit my team is in, therefore we will automatically be demoted even if no one else are fighting in this league :frowning:

This has been an ongoing problem for months. I searched the forum but wasn’t able to find a direct complaint raised.

The problem is if player(s) go inactive or are banned after the beginning of a PVP event there is currently no way one can tell other until after attempting to attack. Then what happens is the game goes straight past base display to end of attack which sometimes just takes you back to the team list, or in the case of fight pits, the list of pits, or giving a message saying cannot attack that player,

Sometimes, it substracts the energy from the balance and one has to wait up to about 15 mins until it comes back.

I understand from a ticket I submitted months ago that once the event starts you are unable to delete the player, but can’t the team at least “gray them out” so we can see who we cannot attack?

This is very frustrating.


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