Glitchy Nightmare? Not if you uninstall

I’ve had enough. Since 7.0 release I am experiencing game freezes, 1+ minute menu loading times, can’t load my primarch in a timely fashion or make atlas attacks without so much lag I get blown out of the sky. The game will not let me submit a ticket or accept my password to do so. I went through all the usual troubleshooting suspects: reboots. Reinstalled. Cleared cache. Adjusted graphics. Switched networks. My phone is 4 months old and has so much storage space I could install WD 30 more times and still have room. Memory is bored with any other app but War dragons just makes the loading wheel turn now.

I’d like to see it fixed… but we all wanted Kingdom Wars fixed, and defender swap quit delays fixed and where are we on that? Yeah. I have no confidence anything will ever work the way it’s supposed to all at once and I’m tired of banging my head against the wall as if I’m surprised.

I don’t post on the forums ever because I know there are people here who have no issues but will ball you out for complaining about them …and good for you. Walk a mile in my shoes and you’ll reach this level of frustration, and hopefully you get just as sympathetic a response. There isn’t any amount of neat looking dragons or portraits that makes me want to stay any longer and deal with this glitchy Nightmare that used to work. I’ve let my team down not being able to do even the basic defense and officer duties needed for a high rank atlas team.

If you’ve blown me out of the sky lately, congrats on the defense lag. Your skills never were the deciding factor, just FYI… so try not to hurt your arm patting yourself on the back. If you have a witty zinger response to my troubles or want to troll, don’t waste your time. I find it unlikely that I’ll check back for a response.

Take it easy WD community, Pits will be my last hurrah. I’m glad to have met many of you on this journey but for me this frustrating road is done. I’ll park my account in the hopes that some day things get fixed instead of more broken. I won’t be holding my breath, though.

Shout out to Play, Straw, Eff, Ulf, Brainy, Shandi, Shix, Tiger Lily, Bratty, Azz, Stoph, Munky and many of my teammates over the last 3.5 years…you guys made this fun but team and league chat are not enough to keep me logging in.

I’m out. :v:


Ok bye


Name your device model specifically?

E.g. Galaxy S22 Ultra or iPhone 13 Pro.


It’s a moto one 5g ace and until 7.0 it worked pretty much perfectly. Since update nothing works in game the way it should.

I have an iPhone 7 Plus and it’s really glitchy for me as well since the update…for instance when I collect the Daily Bonus from the Bounty Harbor I hear an old dragon spell activating, water splashing, and the ticking sound Tez makes as he’s healing himself…also portraits are mixed up and enlarged so big i can’t ready players names…screenshots coming

in the last pic that’s not my portrait as you should already be able to tell


@PGCarlos @DragonPunch

Totally understand your frustration :disappointed:

is it 4g or 6g . ram might be issue if its 4g if not its the optimization

could you file a ticket and then @DragonPunch and I can have a reference point

@PGCarlos I think the glitch is bad enough that the OP is physically unable to submit a ticket.

I’m not the one you’re supposed to reply to for that. :sweat_smile:

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