Glitter Oblivion

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This is not a flak. This is an Oblivion, the first one of a new line of towers. These are not elemental! They are projectile towers y’all, and they are approximately one-third more powerful than your flaks.

This particular oblivion is loosely based on a fire flak/ballista combo. It fires a constant stream of glitter at attacking dragons, and also has a supershot of Glitter Spill. The SS poisons dragons, so whatever your special attack number is equals damage done to dragon in a 10 or 15( haven’t decided yet) second period. Glitter Oblivion is resisted by ballista resist and damage from SS is stopped with the cure poison/purge glitter spell. This tower also has a medium range.

But y’all, the best part of these towers is that they are built with your Ice and Fire shards. You build your Oblivion with 100 EE first, and then wood, and THEN you choose to upgrade your tower with either Ice OR Fire shards. I made a spreadsheet, and all these numbers make a bit more sense on there.

Also, why glitter? Because glitter is more fun to edit than mud or something. I’d appreciate any help y’all can give me on this, because I don’t have excess shards or high level flaks to compare to. Are the time/shard/power numbers fair? More importantly, do they make a good tower?

In conclusion:
•Oblivions are new and interesting!
•Ballistas are back!(kind of)
•Your Ice and Fire shards have a use!
•I spent wayyy too much time working on this!
•Tell me what I can fix!

I visualized Kirin encountering the Glitter Oblivion. :see_no_evil:

Otherwise it’s a fun idea, and I hope no one will actually implement such disturbing visuals.

Okay then. Since you seem to actually be serious about this, I’ll give you a serious set of answers.

  • Glitter, while a fun joke to play with, does not make a good actual tower design. Many players will find it obnoxious, and it doesn’t fit with the elemental themes that the current dragons/towers use.

  • A tower that is mostly a stronger version of existing towers is less than ideal. We’d really want a tower that changes offensive/defensive strategy, not just one that’s the same thing, but more so.

  • Projectile towers are hard to make viable these days, given that they’re easier to counter than any other tower type, and this design does not remedy that issue.

  • Are the numbers fair?
    Ish. They’re much more damaging, but without a good supershot ability (unless you’re making it undodgeable) and much easier to counter. On the other hand, they’re SO MUCH CHEAPER than normal flaks.

  • Do they make a good tower?
    Ummm…not really. Sorry. You’ve sorta invented the Rainbow Ballista Flak.

Tell me what I can fix!
Well, first, ditch the glitter idea. If you want poison, you can do poison, but glitter just won’t really work as anything but a joke/festive thing.

Second, it needs to do something special, that will disrupt how players currently attack and defend. Maybe much, much longer range, or a super-fast firing speed, or undodgeable attacks, or damage based on a percent of the dragon’s max health, or something like that.

Finally, if you want ice and fire shards to play a role, have them do so for a reason! Does it have both ice and fire attacks? Does it have ice and fire modes, the former doing low damage but slowing dragon attacks, and the latter doing high damage, but speeding them? Does it form a cloud of ice to prevent dragons from cloaking, or a burst of fire to blind the dragon for a few seconds?

Basically, start with an idea for something that will change how attacks and defends go, and worry about the flavor and specific stats later. Do attackers need to speed through the base to get to this tower before it can activate? Do attackers need to worry that the dragon’s attacks will be frozen, just like the towers’ can be? Do defenders need to weigh whether or not to boost this tower against any given dragon, and when they might supershot it? How will combat change with this new tower in place?

If it was ticker tape I would have been all for it…


I think the cloud of glitter should make my dragon slow down choking and gasping for breath

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I’d be on board if it constantly filled the attackers viewing screen with 70% glitter coverage to hinder their visibility.

Same with a smoke/fog style tower that would limit the range you could see down the base and attack (or you needed to flame it away to be able to see the towers.

Fun actual screen effects like that would add an interest to game play (maybe could be on a rider? OR something to attach to a current/existing tower instead of having to build a new tower?)


I really like this idea. Maybe the screen only shows spells and covers up the screen so you have to fly blind for a very small time. That would make things really interesting.

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So it looks like my tower could use some work then. I like the fire/ice switching thing and the screen effects, maybe I’ll play around with how that could work. My photo editing skills are acceptable, but my graphics skills are nonexistent so the quality is really not guaranteed on anything I come up with :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Your Glitter Flak tower might work better as a visual over an actual tower itself. That way it wont upset the gameplay balance and it being a temporary thing.
Now with that said, it might work well on the holiday celebration of Valentine’s Day, but instead of Flaks shooting out Glitter, they shoot out hearts instead, or a combination of both.

ice oblivion

glitter oblivion

all 3 of the new mythic dragons have elemental resist, these towers are projectile still.

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