Global Chat for Team Members!

I would like to suggest that team members could have Global Chat. I know when I get bored I would love to go on global chat and speak to some other players, but no. Your only allowed to speak to your team (if any members are on) or your league, which has a limited number of people of which some want to declare war with you team. Please add global chat for everyone, not just people who aren’t part of a team!

Well that feature would be useless for me :woman_shrugging: I barely go into league chat unless I see people I like there. I have group chats for chatting with friends in game, though I’m actually notoriously bad about not talking in some of those :laughing:

I’ve heard bad things about global chat for those people who aren’t on teams yet. Why the heck would I want a button to take up room on my chat interface to go to something I’d never use?


Much more drama than LC :laughing:

Yeah a global chat would go very wrong very fast. I can just imagine all the drama and fights :upside_down_face:

You’d also have higher leage people being mean to lower leagues for being low league, having a bad base or dragons, etc. Or giving wrong information on purpose. And it would probably rapidly devolve into… adult material :see_no_evil:

Not to mention the pace of the chat would be ridiculous

There’s some benefit to be had but imo it’s nothing compared to the negatives

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This isnt bad tho :heart_eyes:

Hell no… if you’re that bored play Facebook

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Instead of giving Global Chat to everyone, can we just remove league chat for people who don’t need all of that BS in their life?


Yes, please. It’s honestly worse than middle school in there. All it is is sexual banter and people spamming song lyrics.


I’m not sure how you would cram 50K peeps into a single channel anyway?

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:thinking: Option to turn it off? Sounds like a good idea.
Still, LC provides some benefit for quests.
For those doing them

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Just fix LC so it doesn’t show us things we don’t want to see, and sometimes can’t un see. Common courtesy?
As an example, I don’t find cancer jokes funny at all.

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Your asking the impossible. You want them to actively monitor every chat and automatically delete things people don’t want to see. By whose standard? And what filters would be used to catch these. Hell having word filters won’t catch things context. Even the whole cancer thing. I’ve seen (albeit rarely) some deep and thoughtful conversations where people were trying to pick someone up who had been given the news. That’s very different to The other types of conversations.
Hell any filters you put in place are so easy to bypass.

If you can give suggestions that are better than “report the message so it can be reviewed on a case by case basis” then by all means.

I’m not asking for a filter at all. Let the LC guys do what LC does. I think it all sounds like this:

My request is that LC not be auto selected and displayed on my screen without user input. Chat just rolls over and displays it if nothing else is active and that is super annoying. Its like inviting an asinine clown into your living room only you didn’t invite him.
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