Global Chest Prices


I have just noticed the cost of the incentive chest that’s been released by PG. In the UK it costs £8.99 and in the US… well in one state… it costs $9.99. I don’t have any screenshots in USD for the premium packs… Can anyone explain why the costs do not mirror the appropriate foreign exchange rates for each country, because support can’t.

It sure looks like a good way to make money from other countries! If this has been raised before… then by all means remove :slight_smile:


That violates the TOS, account sharing, pack loading, whatever…and the prices are different due to digital blah blah something.

Apple and google play dictate the conversion rates, not pg.


I’ll just leave this right here…

How are you paying more of the same currency?

Thanks the Australian price. On ios. It’s $13.99 on Android


You spoil all my fun :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m not paying more than one currency… one is a screenshot my account and the other is from a friend in the US

I have no idea what you mean… what violates tos?

They’d have to log in to your account to make the purchase, hence account sharing. Also, the whole taking advantage of currency differences is what I think is called “Pack loading”, which isn’t allowed either.

I still have no idea what you are talking about… my post just shows a screenshot from my account displaying 8.99 sterling and a friend screenshot her account to show 9.99 usd. no mention of account sharing. I’m just saying the foreign exchange rates seem not correct based on those screenshots

Sorry, you said “a good way to make money from foreign countries” which I took to mean buying other people packs at an advantageous currency exchange rate, while making a profit for you, or them. The confusion is on my end. My apologies for the confusion.

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so if Google and Apple apply the fx rates… does that mean PG are feeding different prices to each country to maximise revenue? That’s shady!


My comment was for atops, didn’t realize he was Aussie (was wondering how they could charge $15 USD)

The difference over the exchange rate is the markup for operating a separate entity in a foreign country.

Example: a song on iTunes is $0.99 USD, but $1.99 AUD.
Because: the App Store and iTunes Australia are companies registered in Australia to collect revenue, pay tax, salaries, advertising, and other business-related expenses in Australia, on top of the $0.99 they need to pay the parent company, iTunes US.

It feels like a ripoff, but it’s essentially the distributor’s markup for importing a foreign product.

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Also AUD is worth less than USD dollar for dollar

I’ve never seen that in other games… it’s all generally converted at cost across the platforms and countries… this is the first time I have seen such a difference. It just doesn’t seem right… my spidey sense is tingling…

Yes Enigma, that’s why we are talking about:

$9.99 USD today is $12.98 AUD, so we’re talking about the $2 markup, which pays the business operating expenses in a foreign country.

And Mighty, it’s 100% not unique to war dragons. I don’t know why you never noticed it before.

Basically Australians are shafted… Ok go play now