Global Ranking and Season Leaderboard

I used 3.57m egg plugs in the breeding event. I was 2nd on the Season leaderboard and Global Ranking. But before the event ended, my score was reset. I’m off the list in the global rankings. The player named “Shadow” moved up from the 3rd place to the 2nd place. I dropped to 7th place on the season leaderboard. 9350 season points from point achievement rewards have been deducted from my total score. The 35k points, which is the ranking score, were not added to my total score. Those who follow the order have seen it. Nick: xConquest
I’ve been sending tickets since yesterday. But the admins are not responding.

Sending multiples push your help requests to the bottom of the line. Just wait and you’ll get a response.


ok, thanks

Yeah, this is really odd. You were most definitely up on the leaderboard, I remember seeing it a few days ago. Game records say you scored 54 points.


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Please contact Support, and they’ll review and confirm your points earned and your status. We want to make sure this isn’t a bug.


Might take month or year but they will reply I guess :crossed_fingers:.:joy: almost weeks no reply

A few times I wasn’t awarded the points earned. Once had to send in a ticket - the other times the Leaderboard corrected itself in a day or two.

Either way - I always get a screenshot of my final event score and starting Leaderboard position.

I sent a ticket on 10.09.2022. still no answer. Ranking points, chest points, and event points rewards were not awarded.

I have been a victim since 20.09.2022. Please someone take a look at this issue. This much cannot be ignored.

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