Global Rankings should they be changed

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Global rankings of the top 20 teams is basically a mirror image of D1
With Atlas now playing a big part of teams game play should PG now consider adding both League and Atlas scores together to give a true picture of the top Global teams

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That would be interesting and make sense. One question though. How is influence calculated??? And is it the right metric before they add it to part of rankings?

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I doubt its right to combine them.
The criterias are different , and like in some events teams with a good rank in a league can be worse in a different competition.

Maybe this isnt going often in D1s case, but many leagues show that there is still a unbalance.
Beside that the success of this Atlas adventure isnt just of a good D1 team as it would be in a war, its more that alliances affect it in a good or bad way.

So at all the success of a team isnt just 1 team versus 1 team… it has more teams for both sides which play a role. Thats why i think it is good that its not !

You clearly haven’t been in D1 then. Teams forget how to war by themselves. I don’t see how Atlas is different then. The days of 1 team against another seem to be gone. I can only speak from personal experience but the last 3 wars declared on us were by 3 teams. So if your criteria is 1v1…

I wasnt long in D1 and probably i understand what you mean with that your rivals are always the similar 3 teams, maybe even at once a time.

But even so you have to admit that firstly we need to know how the calculation is about this rank, if its only land or events are within or something.
After that we can see clear what it means, and i see for now that its like a royal rumble… even if smaller leagues fear bigger ones and dont attack, but so the whole Atlas world is affected by many teams or alliances. Or am i wrong ?

So if you get 1 point for a won war, and the other for a win like a teammatch, it cant be the same or not.
I dont say you wouldnt be at first rank , probably you would in both sides, but there are teams beside that where its not same.

I think its still ok that 2 ranks show for 2 different cases.

Global rating is only calculated on points from war wins surely a global ranking should include both if the team influence is calculated in the correct manor i.e not just by land owned and events won but also battles ( mini wars ) plus troops killed etc

Well they already started (or brought back) PvP event rankings influencing the global ranking so yeah, why not add Atlas and Atlas events too, maybe in a different total rank which could also appear on the website?

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