GLOOMCLAW and Breeding paths

Hi guys
politely, I have some dilemmas that need every possible help.
Let’s start from the first: with the recent patches Gloomclaw has been indirectly enhanced. I wanted to know (from who owns it), how does the dragon behave against real bases? I really like the dragon, both in appearance and as spells (I think it’s also important to have fun and not just take the stronger dragon)

Second: Which path (osbidian path) should I choose? Here is 3 path I am considering. In order are Gloomclaw Path / Icicle Path / AA Path (Feel free to add your guide or a specially designed “guide” :slight_smile: )

Argument your answers please.
Thanks everyone in advance for the help
ps. I really want Gloomclaw but I am open to any idea, always if properly explained
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A&A can serve you longer than Gloomclaw, if sustainability of a dragon beyond its tier is of your concern. Gloomclaw cant do much against tower levels equivalent of its own tier, Garnet Mythic, and certainly not much after those tower levels. A&A can serve you for much longer than Gloom.

It’s your game, you pick the dragons you want to play with! Just speaking from my own experience. Also you may wanna use an up to date guide man, it’s important.

why, those guide are out date ?? Anyway, do u think that Icicle is better then Gloom ??

They’re from July 2017 - before the full Obsidian tier was released and various other potential changes along the way.

Yes a guide with the current highest tier is always safer, and itll be a pretty nice habit to have, sometimes backbreeds are added with new tier release and some other paths may open up for the cheaper etc. it helps you to be more sure of youre breeding without missing information.
Icicle is tricky, shatter shards dont deal enough damage tbh. The only time i appreciate shatter shard is when I’m out of ammo and have flown past those towers, shatter shard can deal damage even if the towers are behind you. But thats about it. I think Garnet Mythics in general perceptions is ranked like this:

A&A —-> Icicle —-> Gloomclaw

Icicle paths are known to be a little better in terms of token cost but depends on whether your are really on that path or not. I will go after A&A on any day among these 3, because A&A’s spell set is 1. Very unique 2. Role is clearly defined by them, a clean up dragon, while the other two may or may not do too well as a lead or as a follow.

Those are very old paths from previous tiers.

Icicle is less expensive and gives you the egg tokens you need for builders hut. Gloomclaw and AA do not until you get to the icicle breed step of those paths.

There is also a reason Red entirely removed the gloomclaw option from her path system, it has no inherent benefits over the other two.

If you want to compare direct paths we can do so :+1:

Edit: also I completely agree with Tony that the perception is AA > Icicle > Gloomclaw in order of power and usefulness, however that doesn’t account for the many many months sooner you will be able to upgrade your farms to 50 and towers past 45 :wink:

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can u give me the most recent Icicle and AA path pls ??
edit. Also Gloomclaw path if possible
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the RedDeliah guide is hard to read XD

Red is the only one optimizing paths and keeping things up-to-date. If the path is hard for you to read, then reformat it to suit your needs. You can drag and move columns in Google Sheets, fill different colors, etc.

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Haha Forsci has already posted it. I think Red’s paths are clearer once you get used to it, and you’ll have a better experience viewing it with a laptop or tablet since its in a spreadsheet form.

  1. Superman was banned from the game and thus I doubt he will help you with breeding paths.
  2. These paths are incredibly out of date.
  3. If my paths are hard to read, copy and paste the basic shit (offspring, parent, parent, cost) onto your own and go from there.

You’ll get no help from me making a Gloomclaw path unless you have a disability (I have an updated one I keep private just for people who have health issues playing other classes).


ok,but stay calm XD

What made you think I’m not?

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Lolol. On a lighter note, if you want a warrior, go for Kirin! She’s decent and 1/2 off! Besides, whats better than burning an enemy base down with a Unicorn? Mutha Uni-corn. …Oops, language, tony, watch language.

And pick icicle or A&A if you will. Breeding is starting soon, i suggest you getting your hands on it like noooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwowww!

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Cmon kirin is a little shit. Leos is a meh dragon and still better. Anyway, im still considering which path should i choose ?? Icicle or AA ??

Lol! Hey Kirin is my bae >:o

how fast do you accumulate tokens man?

Hard to make suggestions without knowing your dragons.

im on sapphire tier ( only Anapa , near to Sekhem) and right now i have 130k tokens and 400 mystic frags.

Do you want to have the most ideal base setup? If so you will need garnet eggs by level 187 to unlock level 46+ towers. That is literally my step right now. I haven’t leveled past 187 until i get my garnet eggs (this event).

AA is definitely without a doubt a better dragon, but i’m getting Ferga immediately following Icicle anyways so I will still have a good cleanup dragon

so, are u suggestion Icicle path?

Icicle for faster base growth +

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which is the Icicle path ?? i mean, in your guide