Glory balloon mission for atlas?

Could one be installed to help players especially low level players accumulate glory by completing balloon mission in atlas should help all players not giving a crap load of glory not a a low amount of glory either but a nice amount for all players may even give double if they have a elite atlas account what are your thoughts on this?


I would love it, it would make people that are inactive in atlas active, and this is a win for pg too.

Very great idea.

I don’t think you really thought this through. Having glory (earned on primarchs, with riders, for troops) tied to missions (not even vaguely linked to any of those) makes very little sense to me.

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I’d really rather not have ANOTHER chore to do. a separate thing… unless it’s literally like the normal egg missions and isn’t atlas specific. We already have weekly quests.

Hell. Add glory rewards to atlas quests. Just don’t add another job please

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Like anything in this game makes sense? :rofl: Use your imagination a bit. It’s not really any different than the weekly quests except it’d be daily and the prize would be small amounts of bonus glory. I don’t know how variable missions would be but I can see how something like this might get a few more people out and about. Would rather they just bring back kingpin event though. Easy glory at cost of perma-loss. Great.


Plus this suggestion would avoid the political BS that makes atlas such a PITA.


i’d like to see something like this.

but not for gp.

i’d want it for more troop count. (mine’s sitting at ~2m, but more troop can’t hurt, yeah?)

It’s not a substantial amount 500-750 GP at the most that sound fair?

idk. getting sigils from hourly missions sound a little too weird.

it sounds almost like sigils dropping from balloon missions.

i’d rather have troop counts or 1~3 atlas non-badge chests.

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Correct me if im wrong but the Kingpin event have PVP element. Aside from that old “beast” that is popping out, there was also portal that appears in each continent that would transport you to another enemy continent, this is aside from the portal your team can create to link you to your faraway castle. :thinking:

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