Glory between seasons

Does glory accumulated between seasons count towards the upcoming season?

Yes it does. Meet me at aligane with 150k on your taunter. Thanks.


Grumpy! :smiling_imp:

Listen here grumpy :ping_pong:

Short answer: No

Long answer: it actually may count against you since your starting troops will be less and your influence reduced as a result.

But you cannnot get badge chests from glory gained before the season starts.

You could however decide that the Timers/Diamonds/Shards from performing in the event are more valuable than the troops lost >.>

I personally don’t…but who am I or anyone else to tell you what to do or not do?

I’m pretty much out of dead troops to revive… I’m switching over to building new troops next time I have a full load of hats (I think there are like 770 troops left in my revive pool?)

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