Glory calculationes for attacker need to be updated

I think the Glory Calculations for attacker need to be updated.

Why because its called glory and frankly its not in anyway gloryfull to be a babykiller.

Im level 360 and I get full glory hitting a player lvl 252 in a atlas team of same level. Come on? There’s no glory in knowing you can win this one easily… And the cutoff at 30 % means i am still able to get some sort of glory when hitting a player higher than 108. THIS CAN’T BE RIGHT?

It would be more correct that glory reduces between 100% and 70%… and introducing NEGATIVE glory below 70%. As said. There’s no glory in hitting a person you know you can win too easily. I know in a takeover you need the low taunters removed too, but then this loss of glory must be a calculated risk.

Hitting a higher player than you self on own castle despite the high risk of failure is gloryfull. Being able to take out a higher player without support should be rewarded better. For a low player to defend a castle by hitting an attacker of higher level with support is gloryfull, but reward/bonus should depended on flames recieved when supported…

Lets introduce a new glory calculation on attacker. Lets introduce negative glory, when hitting low players. Lets introduce glory bonus on hitting players higher than you self, but bonus should depend on flames recieved when supported.

Didnt they try and then everyone bitched about it until changes were reversed ?:woman_shrugging:

I mean I agree with you that there should be changes, and I think there will be once they think through how to satisfy everyone in here (read “never”)

You’re hitting on a L4. :man_facepalming:

Either that or you literally haven’t Atlas’d this season. Which is a double :man_facepalming: