Glory calculations

Im trying but can’t for the life of me figure out how glory is calculated. Can anyone explain? Or point me to where its been explained.

Thanks in advance.

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Also keep in mind the % that is now applied to this mechanic. Simply multiplication at the end of the conditions


Thanks. When i search for Glory Mechanics that article does not pop up.

So if i read that correctly, if i want glory for every troop destroyed on both sides I should attack someone that I can kill twice as many troops as i lose? Any more will not contribute to more glory and any less will lose me glory.

there is a glory calculator in the atlas season tab

The max glory per attack you can get is when you get a 2:1 ratio. If you kill more than twice your losses you aren’t getting more glory for them, and if you kill less you are getting less glory per troop lost.

The calculation is min(0.75*kills,1.50*losses)*gloryscalepercent

Looking at your troops as consumables factoring in recovery and offsetting recovery costs, you can show that a 2:1 attack will get you in excess of 3 glory per troop lost. When getting a 1:10 loss you will get less than 1 glory per troop lost (after factoring in recovery)

Now troop loss formulas are a whole other thing.

To be precise, this is a penalty calculator.

It doesn’t calculate the actual GP since it doesn’t factor in troop amounts and kill ratios.

damn. will check next time before im trying to give hints :joy:

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Well, or PG could actually give it a less misleading name :man_shrugging:


yea. i havent checked it, cause all my stuff is experted anyways but i really thought u can check how much glory u’ll get there

There was a request on the forums to just shoy the max amount of glory in numbers in the info screen when tapping an enemy primarch.

This would be super helpful and iirc it was even recognized by @PGDave and added to the list of QoL changes they could eventually add later on.

I guess it was forgotten…

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@pgEcho @PGEggToken

this whole new scaling mechanism based on a team’s influence is beyond stupid.

What’s the difference between hitting a level 500+ on a high influence team vs one thats on a low influence team? nothing… then why should you be awarded any less points? Makes zero sense. What PG is encouraging here is for players to drop leagues to lower ranked teams, farm the crap out of GP to get these prizes, and then come back to their original team. GP should be solely based on hitting a player of like or high strength then you PERIOD.


I believe 300+ is the cutoff for 100% glory so 500 is a bad example but I get what your saying. It’s very frustrating to be searching for someone to hit and find someone slightly higher than you but gives 60% GP. But I just go grab my rusher at that point and hope they don’t understand how the ratio works and attacks me.

What would the scenerio have to be to get this:

The maximum amount of Glory you can earn is capped by 1.5x of how many of YOUR Troops die.
Enemy Troops killed earn 0.75 points of Glory each.

I’ve never heard of anyone actually getting 1.5x of personal troops killed

It happens all of the time. You have to have 2:1 ratio

Easy scenario

Level 300
Team Influence rank 100
Attacking sieger attack rating 360
Troops 8k
Battle results: 5 flames

Level 250 (within 70% so no player scaling)
Team influence rank 25 (no team scaling)
Defending rusher defense rating 360
Troops 8k

Primarch ratio = 360:360 = 1:1
Battle multiplier = 2x (5 flames)
Resulting battle ratio = 1*2:1 = 2:1
Defender losses = 7.5k (max lost in a single battle)
Attacker losses = 7.5k/2 = 3.75k
Attacker glory = 7.5k * 75% = 5.625k * 100% ~5.6k glory (which is also exactly 3.75k * 150%)

This 2:1 ratio (achieved with 5 flames) results in an ideal situation where 1.5 * Losses is exactly 0.75 * kills. (that’s why 150/75 = 2)

If you increase the ratio to something greater than 2:1. Let’s say 10:1 the extreme (but it works with 3:1 or anything greater than 2:1) then you kill more troops without losing more troops.

So in a 10:1 scenario the losses are still 7.5k capped so let’s work back from that.

Defender loss = 7.5k
Attacker loss = 7.5k/10 = .75k = 750
Glory caped by losses = 750 * 1.5 = 1125
Uncapped glory = 7.5k * 0.75 = 5625

Here you can see that based on kills you could have gotten ~ 5.6k glory, but since your losses were so low you were capped at ~ 1.1k and in this case you get exactly 150% of your losses (1.5x)

So the question of how can you get a ratio over 2:1? A few options. Choose primarchs with roughly equal ratios, but use higher level ones and get 5 flames is the easiest. (Sieger vs anything, destroyer vs destroyer fighter or sieger)

How to get 10:1? Easiest is to find 5:1 and get 5 flames again. Also killing a sieger with another sieger and getting 3 flames+. (Of any level). Be the defender and stop the attacker with less than 10%…

Not sure if that helps.


Thank you! I didn’t know 10:1 was an option. i thought the 2:1 meant for every 7.5 troops you lost you can get 15k glory.

No problem. Yeah it’s 75% of what you killed, but limited by (150%) your losses.

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