Glory Calculator

Hi All!

With the sad news that Mech is leaving the WD community, I have been given the opportunity to release his phenomenal Glory Calculator for you all to continue to learn from and explore. Thank you Mech for all the work you put into this! It truly is an amazing compilation of work.

If you notice any improvements that can be made, please pm me from now on. I will be looking to build upon this and update as is required moving forward but, with Mech’s permission, I wanted to make the glory sheet as it currently stands available to all now. The rules are the same and are just below.

  1. This is a work in progress. Don’t be a dick about things if they are incorrect or you feel they can be improved.
  2. When things need updating, let me know that you have more up to date/relevant information and I will confirm the validity and update
  3. I don’t promise that this will always be 100% up to date, things randomly change
  4. I don’t promise 100% validity of information.
  5. If too many people mis-use this in order to “prove people wrong” I will take it down and shun you.
  6. It is up to YOU as an individual to use the tool for planning if you so choose, but don’t come to me for setting it up for you
  7. It is up to YOU to try and read and LEARN. If you don’t plan on learning, don’t read or use the tool.
  8. Things will be added randomly, if you need a new copy always check the version history.

For those who don’t wish to explore the possibilities as much and just want to know how to plan an attack to get maximum glory or lose minimum troops, I am currently building a swapping optimiser.

For Glory!



Is this integrated into the calculator?

Would you please be so kind to add version number? :pleading_face:

Hey Orca!

At this stage, the optimised is separate and not ready for release. I started it before I knew I would be hosting this sheet as well so hadn’t thought of integrating it.

I’ll happily place a version number in the file name. Thanks for the suggestion.


Yay… Thanks NidoGod.

Also, for some reason it wouldn’t let me make a copy of the sheet? :scream:

I know Mech had it set up so if you clicked on the link of some of his it would automatically open a copy of the doc so you could mess with it. Any chance you could figure that out?


The way i did it is just replaced the “/edit=xxxx” at the end of the URL with “/copy” when posting a link



Hopefully it works for you now, Liz :blush:

Yay! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

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Aww… Your leaving?! :frowning: I guess I missed the thread saying that… Thank you for the work you have put in for this game!

@Lathra Sadly, it’s true and posted here if you want to read.

So sad :sob:

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Probably need to update the calculator for some of the changes (namely the new kill caps)

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Already a work in progress :hugs:


Thank you very much.

Hi All! Glory Calculator has been updated for new troop max kill threshold and the min troops for Sieger debuff. If anyone can please help with providing new Sieger max debuff at each level, that would be greatly appreciated and then updated, also.

May Noelle be with you all!

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…the suspense is killing me here!

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Trust you to pick up that kind of typo. Cheers :joy_cat:

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It was like those movie scenes where the dying character says “remember kid, it’s vitally important that you…” dies. :grin:

And thanks for keeping this thing updated, it’s tremendously useful!