Glory Event is Broken > Event loops

PG Staff,

It seems like you have somehow managed to break the Glory Event.

My device has already informed me TWICE the event has started, but also when I log into atlas, it still counts down “Start in…” = Open the event tab, no event there when event should have started.
Reload atlas, even timer is counting down again for “Start in…”

The above described process is looping…

@DragonPunch @PGNines


Yes having the same issue

Also bullhorn isn’t reduced either


After each restart I keep getting starts in 1:33

Timer shows now but, bullhorn discount doesn’t

Having the same issue here. timer keeps resetting and no event page.

Same issues on my team. Oh and before it gets asked, @dragonpunch yes a ticket was made :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: Event showing live, but no discounts on builds.


Go into event screen, for me it disappears within seconds

I’ve gotten so much glory too, I’ll be pissed if I don’t get my event points for it.

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Fix this :poop: PG

Ditto. If I force restart, sometimes the event shows it is live and sometimes I get the countdown timer.

Appears to be somewhat keeping track but can’t claim…

hopefully sorts itself with time

Almost impossible that any event is Broken …
Specially if its a regular event,

Dont know how they do it ………… overhere broken aswel :joy:

Fix this bug or shields up.

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Why shields up? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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boring :rofl:

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Have we had another undocumented change to an event - troop costs havent been adjusted

Event prizes etc now showing

It just is cycling event is not “activating” I have points as well no ability to claim then prize screen disappears . Universal issue


Thanks. Trying to fix this now.


Any idea of updates ?