Glory Farming Strategy explained - first season 1.6 M glory free to play

Hello everyone! When I first got atlas it was overwhelming, especially learning how to get the best glory to finish a line. I am grateful to say with hours of research and making mistakes I have learned a fairly efficient way to get good glory and in my first season with atlas managed to get 1.6M glory to get a full set of gear and a rider!

I have some intro atlas videos but this is for glory farming!

I apologize for the length but I think it was important to make things as clear as possible.

Let me know if you have comments or questions, or other recommendations for glory farming.


Thanks for all your videos to help the community. I wish it existed when I first started glory farming on Aligane :wink:

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I’m glad you appreciate it! Sorry it wasn’t soon enough but how it helps others as they start cause it was difficult to learn without guidance.

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