Glory for actually defending

I’m sure this has been suggested before, but now with players actually getting a decent amount of glory for successful defences, the players that are actually defending should surely get…SOMETHING???

A little bit of glory at least. Come on PG.

Or make the defending rewards actually half decent.

You want something to encourage activity on smaller teams - there’s something to help that.
I’ve lost track of the amount of teams on this game that sit on platinum etc teams and don’t get involved in atlas, because they either find it intimidating, or feel they can’t give the game the time - that would be something they could get into.

And for bigger teams, well, for those of us that choose the dragons that turn out to be awful (I mean that aren’t clearly as skilful flyers…) that is something that one could still do in atlas. Even if it meant it fills the hospital somehow.



Um, since you brought up

The thing is, the point of Atlas has never been about providing fair grounds.

Even earlier today, when I was bored and trying to find some action in Atlas by browsing Yes, I do this occasionally. Maybe too often… :see_no_evil:, I saw a level 660+'s g destroyer from a team ranked 1 digit number hitting a castle owned by a team ranked 900 something. There were two taunters of level 2 digits, one of theirs ended up becoming 15k less loaded after a minute. :joy:

I asked what’s up, just because I was curious, the highbie hasn’t answer to my mail yet, the lowbie that got hit wasn’t online, so I asked whoever was online from the low rank team, got an answer from the lowbie through that dude that the lowbie is clueless about the reason as the lowbie’s primarch’s been parked there just to guard and that their attack logs do not show any attacks against any teams remotely close to that highly ranked teams.

So I checked the lowbie team’s roster to see if there were any delicious level 590+s there for the 660+ to chomp on but there weren’t any. :sweat_smile: Not even 589s. :see_no_evil: The maximum gp ratio that 660+ could get from the highest level of that low rank team was probably at 30 something % and even that dude parked his primarch there with 5k troops only.

So here, you can see there is no point in defending when there is no real fairness in target choices.

As no matter how many defenders, from 0 to 3, would join to defend for the level 80ish, any level 660+ would almost always be able to walk through the lowbie’s base. “Almost” is there just because of the rare/common occasions of helping friends/family or alt accounts.

And if we can get glory just by hitting defense banner, then it most certainly will be exploited, so it will be very hard to come up with a way to reward anyone just because they hit Join on defense banners.

This is one of the reasons I keep joking about all castles should turn into access castles. Also partially because so that people won’t be able to use “you were gating my team’s/alliance’s targets” kind of excuse even after the blockade was reduced down to 30 seconds. And… for the forementioned case above, there weren’t any teams that were ranked high enough for the 1 digit ranked team to attack when I checked the castles aroud the lowbie team’s castle. :joy:

It isn’t like defense as is doesn’t matter at all, as I always see defenders when I snipe anyone from teams that are rank 200 and above. Maybe my online hours just happen to match with theirs, but… :man_shrugging:t2:


Aligane’s still there and you can always find a few swap partners, if your past choice to claim slower dragons ultimately puts you at a disadvantage in normal glory hunting, maybe? :thinking:

Sorry about the lengthy reply, I don’t have anything against you or anyone mentioned in my previous reply.

But I may have something against old and sore eyes of those who’d actually read. :joy:

I’m sorry but that is so far from what I’m even referring to.

I’m not even complaining I can’t find glory. You’ve taken my post completely the wrong way. I do fine for glory.

I’m making a future game feature suggestion. I’m not moaning at all.
I’m merely suggesting that someone that has spendst time defending, should be rewarded for such.

You’re welcome to disagree with it…

Well isn’t it all about bragging that they killed a x amount of troops last month.

They never tell you they got the kills done on a very easy way.

Oh, no. I wasn’t trying to particularly disagree.

What I’m saying is that we need some kind of prerequisites before anything can happen. :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure which team you are talking about in particular.

I heard some of my friends’ teams, currently in rank 100s and 200s, bragging about it, but their teams have never been ranked 1 digit number in Atlas. :sweat_smile:

PM me, if you don’t mind sharing.

Those wanting to get glory on defense should put some troops on the stake.
For example, fishing (which gives decent gain on successful defense).

I seen several team in the x digits, xx digits and xxx digits hitting and destroying teams, 500/700 ranks below them.
The x digits i have seen in the past on my own castle :laughing::laughing:.

And yes i understand a little bit why they do that, as retaliation by teams can be out of borders.
That amount of rank difference makes teams think about retaliation.
For a few snipes, your team and your members can become a non stop target when you have a castle.
For that reason i am not hunting castles, just to not atract attention to my team, and spare my members there troops.

I have suggested it before as well.

While defenders dont stake troops they are using their (valuable) time and resources. Hammers are expensive.

I think even if the glory was shared. 90% glory to the person staking troops and 10% split between defenders.

I.e. Joe Bloggs gets hit and you defend Joe Bloggs. Instead of Joe Bloggs getting 10k glory he gets 9k and you get 1k.

End of the day if you didnt defend the attack Joe Bloggs would of been smashed and earned 2k glory with 30% perma troop loss.

A system where someone else (defender) does all the work but you get paid (glory) seems weird to me. Sharing is caring.

If Joe gets 10k glory with 10% troop loss thats surely a win for Joe and a win for defender(s) if they share in a small portion of glory.

Could prevent exploit by making defender need to use 5 consumables to be eligible for point sharing.

Could have it as an option in settings where you can opt out of glory point sharing if you dont want to participate .

Many times Joe might defend his base with a friend. In this case he would get 9,500 glory and friend would get 500. ( the 1k glory is split in half for 2 defenders )


Even worse is defending marshal bases. Nobody get glory, not even the team bank.

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This one is similar to defending in pvp event, just for tactical purposes.

Tbh, I’m good with defender getting more rewards (esp. defending consumables related), just not glory, as different things were staked.

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I agree that different things are staked however the stake itself is influenced by these other things.

Without a defender the glory outcome is completly different than with one since all 0D bases are walked on. Generally only the best fliers get through a strong base 3D.

If we think about it in reverse as an attacker if I know 3D will cover my base then I’m not really staking many of my troops since 9/10 times the defenders will win.

The person taking the biggest stake is the attacker since if he splats then he will lose lots of troops and earn minimal glory.

Perhaps the entire system needs a rethink.

Like if you defend a base then you automatically stake say 1,000 troops from your barracks. Its these guys doing the hammers and buffs.

If you stop the attack then you get 25% of the glory. If you fail then your troops are lost and that glory goes to the attacker. If the attacker uses 2 or 3 dragons then the payout and losses are scaled appropriately.

Defenders change outcomes of fights yet they are not rewarded for effort.

Backers also enable attackers and they get nothing as well. We have all had backers that saved the day and earned us lots of glory.

If troops at stake is the key metric then why are backers allowed? A backer can win the fight and earn 11k glory for the attacker yet they staked nothing?

Team members play in an atlas environment staking time, hammers, consumables, health pots lightning resitance and buffs and strategy for nothing.

In my opinion I reckon defenders are almost as important as attackers and backers are a key enabler for attackers.

I dont buy the entire thing that troop stake is sacrosanct to earning glory but happy to update defenders stake and backers stake if this rule must be held true.

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They staked nothing (other than time and att consumables), and get nothing.
Using the same logic, defender staked nothing and can get the base owner, big glory.

For those not involved directly in the battle (attacker v.s. base owner), it’s the same for now.

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But there is an opportunity cost. If your team is attacking a castle and you defend a team member rather than attack you suffer the opportunity cost of not earning glory.

The entire system relies on having team members that are helpful / passive / team players and favours players that are dominant/ not team players.

Anyone that is helpful / passive gets shafted and anyone thats dominate / self serving gets rewarded.

Just for me personally to play a team game with a team in other games rewards are shared to promote team work.

The way this game is designed is to just play solo because if you use your time to help your friends its out of the goodness of your heart lol. It might as well be a 1 player game.

This game has massive time requirements as it is and I just think reward for effort in the context of playing as a team is not where it should be.

If I have two choices - launch attack and get 11k glory or defend a team member for nothing, then honestly thats a pretty easy decision for most people.

All I’m saying is that two decisions should be mutually competitive. I would even go as far to say being a team member should be better rewarded (for both players collaborating) than doing something solo.


Surely the joy of seeing dragons go splat is enough reward. (No seriously, it’s fun)


Blowing up bases 2D / 3D is more fun though.

And as an added bonus I get reward for effort :slight_smile:

If your work didnt pay you would you still work because its fun? I mean my work is fun but if they stopped paying me then im sure it would become less fun.

And if its all based on fun then surely blowing up bases should be its own reward - why does it need to pay glory?

:thinking: Coordinated raid isn’t a team game?

Also, this game isn’t really a multiplayer game. It’s always one attacker at a time (for each battle)

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Co ordinated raids are a bit of both. The organisation and planning as well as showing up is team play.

But mostly once things get going its about individual success and people chipping in their own time and effort to help you with your own individual success.

Even when you take the castle some individual needs to use their personal timers to upgrade infra. Usually left to the team players to do. I doubt Mr selfish player bothers to chip in. He is probably the first person to raid the team bank for gold ;D

If I think about any other multi player game then contributing towards an effort rewards everyone. I.e. you might have a tank to soak boss hits. Healers to keep the tank up. Dps to kill the boss because the tank does low damage.

If collectively you are successful then you all share in the gold, XP, faction rewards and loot.

The way this game works if everyone did that then only the person landing the killing blow would get the loot.

If I think about another game where I have to capture the flag with my team if we succeed we get prestige and XP as well as perks.

Individuals might get more kills but it doesnt influence their reward it is still shared.

If it was WD then only the person with the most kills would get the reward. Even though their team might of done the most damage to those players or defended the objective better.

All I’m saying is that for a team game the team rewards are kinda missing.

This is just a computer game. Actual lives and glory arent at stake I’m not sure why everyone is so against team rewards :smiley:

When it comes to troops all you do to get them is spend time farming gold on auto pilot.

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@OrcaFrost if staking troops is sacrosanct to earning glory then if we distill it would you agree to the following :-

To get troops we use “time” farming gold in atlas we use gold to buy troops.

The time we spend to farm gold is low quality because it is often auto pilot.

A person who defends our base uses time ( high quality because its active time and not auto pilot time ) and premium resources ( hammers from draconic chests or hammers in lines )

Distilled the only difference is that troops are made with low quality time and defence is made with high quality time and premium currency.

Why is staking troops sacrosanct to earning glory?

I see a case if we had to use real money or had to sell our grand ma but really troops is the lowest form of time used yet it is rewarded with the highest premium - glory.

Eh, no.

If this is all necessary to buy troops, I doubt anyone will buy Atlas elite.

I’d rather have the solution to be making defensive consumables more available in this case.
Also the team reward is minimized damage (hence managing when and where to defend is necessary).

Is this a proper analogy?

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