Glory for atlas backers and defenders

Atlas backers in an attack should receive some glory, similar to how resources stolen in the attack work. If a rider is involved, some glory to that rider, and in any case, to the player score for atlas badge chests / seasonal prizes.

Active atlas defenders should also earn some percentage of glory or atlas badge chests for seasonal prizes, in addition to the primarch owner.

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Not really, you don’t risk any troops, you don’t get any glory.


There are teammate’s troops involved, and presumably the backers and defenders invest some effort that contribute to the outcome, or at least time.

Where are backers´ troops involved? I don´t even have to be at the same castle or even in Atlas to join an attack as a backer. I don´t lose anything, apart from some hammers maybe, and time and effort? Seriously?^^

The glory system is calculated on troop loss and K/D rate. How is glory for backers supposed to be calculated in this?

It also would mean that someone, who is not risking troops is earning glory without even having to invest effort into leveling primarchs and training and healing troops.

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this can be abused probably not gonna happen


They are not. I only meant the troops of the teammate who owns the defending primarch. Sorry if that sounded confusing.

By the same dismissive approach, someone might say, “I don’t gain anything, except maybe 1/20th of a visit of some dragon that does not help me in any way? Why bother?” The answer to both is teamwork and shared rewards.

For defenders, a percentage of the defending primarch’s glory. E.g. if the defending primarch earns 1,000 glory, maybe the defender who dropped a dragon might also deserve 200 or so. Similarly for attack backers, some percentage (probably small to avoid massive abuse) of the attacker glory. Same as resources won in a raid.

Yeah maybe, but one can dream :slight_smile:

I am a bit surprised by the backlash from the players. I guess those are active atlas players proud of their achievements, who feel they would be devalued by this. But the percentage doesn’t have to be big, and giving some recognition for helpers in this way might improve the teamwork, so the teams could depend less on the effort of a few active players like they often do.

And there are team glory for team effort :slightly_smiling_face:


While I agree, that defending in general should be incentivized more in the game, I disagree on the glory part. As others mentioned, neither the backer nor the defenders invest troops and take a „risk“ of losing them. So giving them glory just doesn’t fit the idea of Fighting in Atlas. I would love to see more, than the occasional 1 ruby or gunpowder or a shield dropping for a dragon killed by active defenders. But again - handing our glory isn’t the right incentive for that in my books.


Successful atlas defense gives a refund of the hammers used in the defense :speak_no_evil:


or just give hammer as daily reward claim atleast 1 a day lol

I thought I had heard all so far but I was wrong :speak_no_evil:

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I’ll take hammers as rewards. :joy:

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Full refund of all hammers used +10% would be nice

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It be more interesting if the defenders were rewarded a good amount of diamonds at least 1k diamonds, rubies should be buffed to at least half of this as well. But I’d have to agree we all need a good amount of hammers and shields and gunpowder to do this.

Thats so exploitable. Big no no.

Then none of you want change, REAL CHANGE! Nothing is changeable at this rate.

I didn’t say I dont want change. But giving people free rubies for a defense, ill just create a alt and farm rubies all day… so no that’s a poor suggestion.

Nothing needs changed then any change that comes to defense will just be exploitable just like hammers

If you need a reward to defend your teammates then you’re not a very good teammate. Nothing of yours is at risk

It would be nice if we could transfer hammers to teammates though. If I could send 200 hammers to someone that would be amazing

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