Glory for backers and defenders

Not sure if this has been suggested before but backers and defenders should get glory for battles they participate in. That would encourage more team interaction.

Backers used to get glory last year from August till… October I guess?

They did not.


Why should backer get glory without use any troops :man_shrugging:


There was a time backers and defenders got glory, but it was a bug that got fixed.

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They spend time and consumables participating in the battle.

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So? That’s called being part of a team. If someone needs a reward in order to help their teammates then they dont belong on a team. The reward is that you helped someone


You don’t lose any troop, and get chance of dropping items from destructibles (especially monuments)

You have chance to get rubies from shooting down (at least) epic dragon. No troop is lost.
Also, it’s not that different from defending during wars, right?

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Yeah but it sure wasn’t August last year, it was well before most of us got Atlas.

Or people can just be a good team mate and defend and back other team members :man_shrugging:


I got acces to Atlas last August and I training my first elite rider mostly by backing till level 20/25 or so.

So yes, in the 2nd half of 2018 you could get glory just for backing your m8

You know what else encourages more team interaction…giving players the boot that don’t help the team :man_shrugging:

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