Glory from Garrisons

You get glory when you leave troops on a garrison and it is attacked. Where does that glory go though???

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If your troops are killed on a Garrisons, the glory goes to the Primarch you last trained (or your Fighter if you’ve never trained a Primarch). (Defending Dragon Riders get glory as usual too.)

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Oooh I didn’t know that glory went to prims lol. Thought it just applied to perch rider if you have any

That feels like a really odd system…considering how long it takes to train. You’re stuck with that for a while.

Yeah, it is a bit odd. But more than generous than not granting it to any Primarch at all (which is why we do it this way).

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Is there possibly a way to perhaps select your default one then? And that is the one that gets it? This would lead back to possibly making rushers more viable to level.

Half of our Garrisons got wiped out by the great Dreadnought but we didn’t receive any GP for neither the last primach nor our defender riders. At least 1k troops in garrison should give us some points imo 🤷

The new upcoming event (next Thursday) will provide a way to get good glory for your rushers! (The King Poachers event I posted about, though I think it may be renamed to Kingpins or something to avoid confusion since they don’t have much overlap with regular poachers other than moving through your space).

Hmm, I’d expect you to get GP for that. Did you get battle reports?

It just showed Dread killed troops in garrison but not pinpointed to any specific names

Ah, I’m not sure what time frame you’re talking about. There was a time when troops killed in garrisons did not grant glory. But those days should be past, I believe.

It was at least a month ago. @Panda should remember it like yesterday :grin: . Either way, it’s nice to hear that troops in garrison will give GP now

From my experience, it will only show for the person who’s troops were killed.

I checked again and it showed i got some GP for the troops I lost. But it took forever to register in the game. So maybe that’s why I thought it didnt work for me @PGDave

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