Glory nerfed way too much


I am sure this has been posted before but I couldn’t find it. I just attacked with 6k ships and I only got 2k glory. For as much as it takes to build the ships and then travel to an enemy and then attack, it will take forever to level my primarch. This is really unbalanced as opposed to how it was before. This needlessly strangles progress and basically makes it impossible to make any progress in developing my primarch. Please reset and balance this feature.


The Glory is based on the troops you LOST, not the troops you KILLED. and you get 54.3% Glory of the amount of troops you LOST (in a perfect 100%, 5 flame scenario)


I lost 6k ships in my attack and received 2k glory. Your math is wrong. And it’s not sustainable to have to use that many ships to get so little glory and try and level my prim.


I agree that the new glory accumulation rate is too low. However, that was changed in order to make more repairable troops per attack/ defend. That was what everyone was bitching about before, not enough repairables. Since the glory economy is tied to troop loss ratios, a tweak to back more glory accumulation will reduce repairable troops.

IMO a 25% shift should be made back to glory / taken from repairables. Unless there is a way to bump up glory w/out reducing repairable troops but as I understand it is directly bound together.
@PGDave ???


I’m unclear on how the “glory economy” worked before 3.70? We had repair options that seemed to work pretty well–more hats for a percentage of losses attacking, revive for defensive losses. Then they were radically changed in 3.70 with virtually no discussions that I recall?

I personally don’t want revive to get nerfed more–no troops means I can’t even participate in beta.


I just followed the % echo gave out corresponding to other threads regarding glory


Haha they still give glory?


I agree with this, the revive seems to be working very well now and we can rebuild lost troops efficiently.

I’m also curious if glory can be improved without nerfing repairs, although I don’t think glory needs to be earned so easily that the loss of 6k ships gets you enough GP for a whole level up as the OP eventually expects.
@Graellen you need to realize that a huge part of those 6k lost ships can be revived and used again and again to earn more glory. It simply takes much longer now to earn glory as you have to go through the revive process many times to realize the full glory potential of 1 troop.

Maybe the revives should require less gold or less time so players don’t feel like they have to wait so long to use their troops for GP gain.


Honestly PG REALLY didnt think this through. Lowering glory is probably going to exacerbate the issue. So, lets look at this: I want to level my primarch and I need to kill 10k troops to get one level. Great! I go off, do an attack and yay…primarch leveled. Now I am being told I need to kill 100k troops in order to level the primarch. So, what am I likely to do? Kill 10k and leave my primarch 1/10 of the way OR go kill the 100k troops needed in order to level it. I can honestly say that I am SHOCKED PG didnt see this coming lol. Rather than slow it down you basically forced people to have to kill more of the small teams just to get glory…


It doesn’t make sense to get glory for ships YOU lost… I killed 15k ships of a 422 base won with 5 flames and I only received 972 glory points… that’s honestly absurd. I killed 500 odd ships and got 24 glory… 24 glory isn’t even worth one heal potion… to add to injury. Leveling rider is a whole other story. It would make a lot more sense to get glory for the ships YOU killed instead of your ships lost. The same way that if a dragon attacks a base it get xp for what it killed aposed to whether or not the dragon I used died… the mechanic needs work.



If they give you glory for troops you kill… big bases could just attack small bases with a lot of troops


That’s the gaming advantage for higher lvl players, plus Irene the prim lvls that influence the ratios now instead of the player lvl only ratio. They abandoned that a while ago.


What I find stupid is when you play the game right and loose less troops in an attack you get punished where is the reward for good game play loose to win seems like the most idiotic way to play a game
The last ATLAS event was a kill event yet no points for killing just points for dying loosing interest in ATLAS more and more every day


His math is correct - you are forgetting your revives

Example: you attack and lose 10k ships. You revive 8000.

So initial loss is 2000. However, the cost of revive vs other troops you could have gotten with same hats is another 20%. So 20% of 8000 is 1600

So your true loss is say 3600

Glory earned assuming perfect attack for that scenario would be 56% of 3600. Aka you would have earned 2016 glory.


So thats the math.
I simply think they just need to rebalance the glory reqs of primes and events.

Edit: used incorrect number for revive. Fixed


Agreed. Making some changes based on discussion in various threads: PROPOSAL: Updated Glory & Event Prizes


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