Glory on the weekend is hell on family life

Just saying. Supposed to be a game. Not a second job.


This seems kinda silly. How do you have time for your job with glory during the week, but not for your family with glory during the weekend?


Because I have three hours a night where my kids are in bed and I’m free :roll_eyes: like most people with kids


Your kids don’t sleep in the weekends?

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Not in the middle of the day :joy:

I have noticed a drop in activity in atlas but I guess that is due to end of season and /or people playing other games more unfortunately :yawning_face:


And that brings us back to point 1, how is that different from during the week, where you also only have time in the evening?

It’s really not that complicated :grin:


Yes, recognized that too. It got a bit silent in the last few weeks…

How is this different than how atlas normally is, glory event or not? Atlas is already a 2nd job if you want to compete, cant blame the glory event for that.

What is even the purpose of this topic? There doesnt really seem to be any promoted discussion, just seems to be a random complaint based on your personal family situation which doesnt apply to every player. Half of my team has kids and they still manage to play on the weekends so that’s not really an argument. They cant really make game wide changes based on you having kids.


I think part of the issue is that you are one of the top 20-30 active people in the game so you are keen to defend and participate in every hit.

One potential solution is to tell your team that you will be atlas unavailable during this window on the weekends because it is family time and have someone with availability cover that slot.

This weekend might of felt particularly taxing because we also had assault. We probably need to run this atlas event 3-4 more times before everyone gets a more natural rhythm to it.

I reckon with 250 players in a TA teams will naturally evolve their coverage to blend the entire TAs availability which should make it less time consuming.

Personally I like the new atlas event rotation for two reasons.

  1. The minor weekends are boring and I’m done with breeding in a few hours and fort in a day. This event gives us something to do. ( I mostly just do it when I have spare time - if my team gets raided I’ll jump on to help but I had to do this even without the event running. )

  2. Maintenance always takes place during the week and it was hard to get enough points losing a full day for this event so having it on the weekend means we get a good crack at it.

But I also appreciate that there are pros and cons for every configuration - hopefully you can find a way to better mesh this event with your work / life / balance



Actually I kind of agree to this, there are possibly advantages to having the glory event on the weekend, but I see a lot of cons, the main one is the troop event now is start of pvp week, ok so what does this mean? It tells me guys let’s do a lot of castle guard swaps and taunter/trapper castle swaps during pvp and then revive during start of pvp week, where before it was use the non atlas time to revive your troops and then attack when bubbles drop, here by rewarding true atlas offensive and defensive activities rather then swapping.

What I think is a solution, would be a 2 day troop train event then a 2 day glory event then a 2 day troop train and then a 2 day glory event, so have smaller event time wise and lower the prizes to half what they are now so in fact over the 2 events you get the same rewards.

I think it’s a better solution but again, it’s also saying to not be offensive in the 2 days when glory event doesn’t exist, so it has issues itself but I think it’s a better solution, or maybe have both events running at the same time troop train and glory event over the pvp time, so then you get rewarded for being very active in glory event and using horns and diamonds to revive.

Ok final solution run both glory and troop train events side by side for the 9-10 days of pvp in atlas, and have the same rewards as two troop train events and one glory event, that would actually reward everyone better


So you’re suggesting essentially to hold some glory events during pvp? ………

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I love how people begged for the event to be moved cause it conflicted with updates, but now that it has been moved it now conflicts with RL as well.

IMO, pick your battles :woman_shrugging:


Or we could just leave it as is and stop trying to make things even worse because it works for our personal schedules. Play when you can and when you have the time, dont expect the game to cater to your individual schedule
People complained because glory was getting interrupted by updates. They change it and now people want to complain because they want to do other stuff on the weekend. Moral of the story is that no matter what people are going to complain.

If they ran glory and troop training side by side they’d take away the glory event hat and horn bonus because they’re not going to give us that that during a troop event. A 10 day glory event is just going to further increase the burden of play and doing alternating 2 day and 2 day events would just increase the amount of horns needed. Hard NO to all of that.




No, the suggestion seems to be alternate glory and troop training events on a shortened cycle during non PvP weekends, and run the crafting event over the entirety of PvP (thus discouraging too much swapping during this time).

Wasn’t that clear.

In any case, a crafting event every 2 weeks? Are you mad!? :joy:

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I ended up liking the change. Probably because I play the game with some of my family members. Gives us more leniency.

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No in this I’m suggesting in the atlas pvp 9-10 days, that schedule would be like
Day 1-2 = glory event
Day 3-4 = troop train
Day 5-6 = glory event
Day 7-8 = troop train

Make them fit in the days in between pvp bubble and on pvp bubble is crafting event

The overwhelming majority of players Cried , Moaned, and Complainedfor PG to change cadence of this event. Now that they have, we still have a few that want to Cry, Moan , and Complain… No wonder PG doesn’t want to change anything